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    Noctua nh-d15 vs be quiet 360 loop

    I don't really wanna lower my fan speeds, i want maximum cooling with as little sound as possible, which is why i was looking at the "be quiet 360 loop" & why i was wondering how the 2 coolers compare in cooling performance.
  2. Hi! (Not sure if posted in the right forum & I'm sorry if it isn't!) I'm currently running a "noctua nh-d15" on a i7-4770k OC'ed to 4.5Ghz, and while i like the coolor and the temps i really don't like the sound level. I'm just about to upgrade basicly everything in my PC and i was looking at the "Be quiet 360 loop" as my new cooler but i really down wanna downgrade cooler just to lower the noise level, so i was wondering if anyone here knows how the 2 coolers perform compared to each other? (The reason I'm going with a 360 loop is because i was kinda hoping for even better cooling and i chose be quiet because of the sound level and because i don't want any RGB stuff)