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    random lights/display issues

    Wormhole you're a life saver hopefully this will fix at least my main issues I'll let you know if I still have an issue tomorrow.
  2. Charlie4

    random lights/display issues

    I think I have figured it is some kind of program that flickers on that causes the game to minimize and I have notice at least not while in game something pops up in the task bar for a second and I believe the leds on the ram flash and sometimes the monitor does as well. As far as my settings I run fullscreen I have done borderless window and it still does it.
  3. I have a new build and I have noticed a few things that are starting to really drive me up a wall. 1 big issue I have is while playing call of duty world war 2 (only game I currently play) it will randomly decide to minimize the game. I have not noticed any issues with actual game play and it does this randomly doesn't matter if it's the middle of the game of just starting in a new match. I believe I have noticed when it does this the lights on the ram turn off for a second and come back on. I have also noticed if the computer automatically goes into sleep mode all the lights stay on but if I tell it to go into sleep mode all the lights turn off except the aio changes color. When I wake it back up from sleep mode the screen comes to life but then goes black for just a second and is fine. I am still pretty new to everything I have built one other "daily use" computer and had a friend with installing all the software so I'm not sure what could be causing this issue. Thanks in advance and here's my build. https://pcpartpicker.com/b/vf4qqs