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  1. Hello everyone,i hope you are having a nice day. I want to get a nice build with rgb fans and strips. I have 3 requirements. 1. I want it to have fans that can be controlled by the Aorus B450 Pro Motherbard 2. I want it to be included in the nzxt h500i case and 3. I want it to have RGB Ram. Please do not include G.SKILL RGB Ram because the Ryzen Versions are more expensive than the intel ones and i don't have enough money to buy them. My budget is 800 dollars MAXIMUM Thanks so much.
  2. Hi. I want to get an aorus b450 pro motherboard with a Corsair Vengeance PRO RGB 3200MhZ 16GB Kit (2x8). The fastest memory it supports is 3200MhZ OC. Will I be able to overclock the memory higher than that or will the motherboard not let me do that. Thanks for your time
  3. So When i enable XMP will they run at 3000MhZ?
  4. Hey guys i was shopping for a new motherboard and i ended up on the AORUS B450 PRO motherboard from gigabyte. I read that it will run with these ram frequencies 2133 MHz, 2400 MHz, 2667 MHz, 2933 MHz, 3200OC MHz. My question is, will it run with 3000 Mhz Ram or will it run at a lower speed and i am going to have to overclock it to 3200MhZ? By the way the ram i want to get is Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro (2x8) 16GB Kit
  5. Hello. i want to get a case but i can't decide which one to purchase. I want it to be pretty and preferably with controllable rgb that syncs with RGB Fusion as i have a Aorus B450 PRO. It would also be nice if it had rgb inside of it. Thanks in advance
  6. yea but with aura sync for example you can sync them together with an addon
  7. What about 4.0 GhZ? Will the mobo support that?
  8. Ok i will consider it but will it be able to comfortably overclock to 3.8 GhZ or something along those lines?
  9. OK but i heard that i cant control the ram lights with rgb fusion on a b450 board only on like "Enthusiast" Grade Hardware. Is that true? Also i would love to get some rgb ram. The corsair vengeance pro are rgb and are just 15 euros over what you are suggesting. And according to the gigabyte website nor the ram neither the case are supported with rgb fusion. I propably should have mentioned this but i really want rgb in my system, I could just get cheaper things but i really want a pretty build.
  10. Hello there. I want to upgrade my current rig which is an i3 6100 with a 750ti which i upgraded to a 1060 3gb pretty recently 8gb of ram 2133mhz a CoolerMaster MasterWatt 450 Semi Modular PSU and a 120gb wd green ssd with a Cooler Master MasterBox Lite 3.1 Case. I want to get an h500i a ryzen 5 2600 Corsair Vengeance PRO RGB 16GB (2x8) 3000MhZ Corsair Force MP310 240GB m.2 nvme ssd. Now my problem is the motherboard. I have considered a couple of options on b450 b350 x470 and x370 and i just do not know what to get. I want something that has support for all my lights and fans because i will later be getting some rgb fans and various other components, I would prefer the motherboard to have overclocking capability as i would like to boost my ram and cpu's performance as much as possible so i wont need to upgrade for a good 3 years or so . Also please do not suggest me ASRock Boards because they are pretty but they do have as much rgb component support as gigabyte asus and msi. I will not be replacing the gpu and the psu because both are brand new. The budget for my mother board is around 110$ Maybe 120$ MAX. I have considered getting the ASUS TUF GAMING B450 PRO, AORUS B450 ELITE, ASUS PRIME X370 PRO,Gigabyte AX370M-Gaming 3 (rev. 1.x) Thanks for your time
  11. Hi I wanted to ask what is a good b450 motherboard that has a lot of fan headers and rgb headers for fans and case rgb strips for 110$ max. Thanks for ur time
  12. The ryzen 5 2600 is still a really good chip for whatever you need to do. Since your budget does not allow the upgrade just don't do it it will not make THAT much of a difference
  13. According to their website it will only work with x470 x399 and other platforms not b450 b350 x370 and i dont want to spend that much
  14. Hi there. I want a pc build with ryzen 5 2600 a nice case, rgb ram (preferably Corsair Vengeance PRO RGB 16GB Ram Kit), some rgb fans to go with the case and a motherboard that can sync up all of that. Also i want the motherboard to have a design and not be one of those plain pcb ones. I tried to do it myself but i found config after config and something would happen and some things just would not sync up. I already have a GPU PSU and m.2 Drive. My Overall budget for this upgrade is 350 euros MAX (including the ryzen 5 2600). Also i would appreciate if the platform was b450. Thank you in advance.