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  1. So my grandma has a old Apple Macbook Air 11", from 2013 i believe. Since then it has gotten kinda stuck, the key can be pressed down and will pop up again after but the macbook is not detecting any signal at all. I have tried on websites to see if it would work but it too keep getting no response. Shes not into computers or me so i've come on LTT for some help, and im new so don't go too hard on me please! Thank you!
  2. romme

    What can i do.

    So i wanted for the last year now to have my 2 monitors wall mounted because i didn't have much space on my table and i cant mount them on my wall because my toilet is behind. Then one of my friends asked me why i didn't just buy a desk mount, the problem with that was my table was wall mounted so i cant. So i came here because you guys know alot more than i do, and was wondering if there was any products that i can drill into my table without damaging my wall. Please not like this I I V