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  1. haha yeah, been having this setup since 2015 i think, and is still going strong
  2. hey guys, i disconnected the battery to the motherboard, to reset my bios, after this the pc booted up perfectly fine and is working 100%, i hope this fixed it forever, thanks for the reply
  3. Hi, specs are: CPU i5 4690k 3.5ghz, GPU gtx 760. MOBO: MSI z97 gaming 3. SSD is WD blue 3d 500gb, psu 750 something. will look into that thank you
  4. Hey, i installed a new ssd last week on my computer, for this i used windows media creation on usb. The pc then booted up fine and ran fine. later in the day i rebooted it due to updates and stuff, then it didnt want to boot up on first try, i just got black screen and nothing happened, after maybe 3rd try it booted up fine and everything was working normal. Well now the pc is just completely broke. I boot it up, and i get that blue screen saying windows did not load up correctly or something like that. after some tries it actually boots up to windows, but its very laggy and freezes constantly until the pc just shuts off. i ran a clean install of windows on it, and i just have the ssd plugged in. has anyone encountered this before? oh and when i get in i see cpu is often at high percentage. heads up im not that good with computers sorry for bad english