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  1. what price range are you looking for a card in?
  2. RTX_Clap

    GPU is randomly throttling

    The GPU throttles mostly when on Chrome and its about 70 degrees
  3. RTX_Clap

    Which headset should i get.

    I would go with the Hyper X personaly
  4. RTX_Clap

    GPU is randomly throttling

    I am running a 680MX and it is just randomly throttling and i can not figure out the reason.
  5. If you would like to keep your 1050 you could just add another over SLI
  6. RTX_Clap

    Upgrading graphics cards :O

    depending on how much your willing to spend i would go with either a 1060, 980ti, or maybe 2 1050ti's in SLI