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  1. I'm back on the GTX 970 now (which works fine!). Will try to resolve this issue with the seller.
  2. Nothings seems to be damaged. Took pictures of PCI contacts and power pins, all are here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/etk3Hg96Hp7nS5ET7
  3. Yeah true. He has been running with the card for 6 months without problems, at least from what he tells me. I'm in contact with him now, and he seems genuine. He said he would take it back if I can't get it working.
  4. Maybe yeah, but as stated I already testet it in the sellers system before buying it.
  5. I think I am giving up for now. Gonna try to contact the seller and get a refund. Really bummed by this
  6. Update: I went out and got a new PSU, the Corsair RM750x. I also reapplied new thermal paste to the GPU, as I read somewhere that it fixed the black screen issue for someone. Managed to randomly boot on the GPU again, and everything seemed well. I was able to run The Valley test for longer this time, maybe 5+ minutes and the temp of the GPU got up to around 70C. Was about to think that I had finally solved the issue, when suddenly *boom*, black screen, fan ramp to 100%. Now it boots back up on the iGPU I'm pretty exhausted from deaing with this GPU and pretty much out of ideas at this point. I checked my BIOS, and it seemes like it's already running the latest version. Are there any more things I should try, or should I just try to return the GPU?
  7. Update: Decided to try one more go, and checked the PSU cables. Basically took em out and replugged them. Booted the computer to check some BIOS settings, but couldn't really find anything useful. Afterwards, the computer booted on the 1080! I got to the desktop, and everything seemed to work. It also seemed like it had actually installed the right nvidia driver. I started to run The Valley, just to test if this was real, and here's a pic: https://i.imgur.com/Jc8loV2.jpg About 2-4 minutes into the test, I got the dreaded 'black screen and 100% fan ramp' again After rebooting I was back on the iGPU, and no sight of the GPU anywhere in BIOS or device manager. After fiddling around an rebooting 2-3 more times, it magically booted on the 1080 again. I ran The Valley again with the exact same results. Currently trying to figure out what triggers the 1080 to work on boot, but so far it seems a bit random...
  8. I saw it running fine in his computer before I took it home, so the GPU should be working fine. From all the research I've done today, I keep ending up at people saying its a PSU related issue. Either with their cables or the PSU itself. However, I think the CX600M should be able to run it... But yeah, BIOS not detecting the card unless I do a bunch of steps seems weird. I have not tried to update my BIOS yet, and I'm not sure if that would help anything.
  9. Thank you for the suggestion. Unfortunately its not a friend, I just bought it from a guy I found online, but I made sure it worked before I got it. I guess I could reach out to him, but I'm not sure if he would be willing to help out. Do you think its a problem with the BIOS?
  10. Hey, so I recently bought a used ASUS GTX 1080 Turbo. It worked perfectly in the previous owners PC. After 5 hours trying to get this to work in mine and scouting a million other threads, I am out of ideas Specs: Intel i7 4790 32GB DDR3 Corsair CX600M MSI B85M-E54 Old GPU: Gainward GTX 970 I initially had problems with getting my mobo to detect the card at all. This is what I had to do to get it working: 1. Boot pc with no GPU (using the iGPU) 2. Shut down PC and clear CMOS by removing the battery for 10 mins 3. Reseat the GPU and boot Success! My monitor now gets the signal from the GPU. So here are the steps I used to install the new drivers: 1. Disable all internet access (since the first few times I tried Windows would download faulty drivers...) 2. Reboot in safe mode (using the iGPU) 3. Uninstall drivers with DDU 4. Reboot 5. Install nvidia driver The problem: At step 5, either during the installation or at the last step after the installation (when I click "Done"), the monitor goes black and my GPU fans ramp up to 100%. The only way to exit this is to force shutdown. After this the mobo no longer detects the GPU (and boots with the iGPU), and I have to repeat the steps listed at the start of the thread to get it working again. Then after that I would repeat the next steps with DDU and try again with another driver. So far I've tried 5 different driver versions, all with the same result. I've read a bunch of threads and some solutions include new PSU or reapplying termal paste to the GPU. Do you think that would solve the problem? And in that case which PSU would be a good fit? I can still run my GTX 970 with no problems at all. Any help or tips are highly appreciated!