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  1. Is it worth it to pay more for the 144Hz monitor instead of just going for 75Hz?
  2. Hi I bought the RX 590 this noon I hope it's okay. Thanks for the suggestions, for monitors do I have to look for something, I've seen Freesync v-sync, something concrete, cause I don't know anything. Also with power supply is 550W enough or too tight? Is there's much of a difference between bronze and gold certified?
  3. Hi, I saw that there's an offer now for the rx 590 at 229€ plus 3 games. I would like to build a PC right now to play 1080/60fps and upgrade the system in a year or two cause the PC I have is really old. Is that card worth it? If it is, could you suggest a whole build? Is it possible to spend around 1000€ for 1080/60fps including also a monitor? I'm from Spain and I don't need a Windows license, if that helps. Thanks