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  1. Sub2pewdiepie

    need an opinion

    i want to use two monitors on a very low budget should i buy an old low end graphics card or should i just buy a VGA slitter
  2. Sub2pewdiepie

    should i use a vga splitter

    i am thinking of buying a vga splitter to be able to use two monitors at once should i do this if so what do you recommend i get
  3. Sub2pewdiepie

    i need help turning on video ports

    Hello, I am new to the computer area, i know somethings about how they work and me and my buddies have messed around with trying to fix computer and things. I have just recently purchased my own desktop and it works really well. I purchased an hp pavilion intel core i3 tower 8gb of ram (not used for gaming except for minecraft and fate, a game i played when i was young) from best buy, i know i know it was just very convenient, and i purchased an acer monitor. then after a while i found an old monitor of my fathers in our house basement and hooked that up as well. So i had my two monitors and my tv connected to my computer. I also own an Xbox which is also connected to my monitor via HDMI and my computer is connected to my monitor via vga. my tv is plugged into my computer via the only hdmi on the mother board leaving my second monitor unconnected(it only has VGA connections). so when i wanted two screens on one would have to be off. i recently purchased an AMD radeon r5 220 2 gb ddr3 graphics card in order to have more ports to be able to have all screens connected and have some left over for later installation. when i connected the graphics card though it shut off all of the video ports on my motherboard so now i can not use those extra ports thus still leaving one screen off all the time. i am just wondering if somebody would be willing to help me in turning on the ports on my motherboard as well as my graphics card so that i can utilize all screens and have room for possibly more.