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  1. i have two monitors for my computer setup one is for gaming and one is for my music i am looking for a software where i can set one mouse to each monitor so i don't have to exit the game to switch to the other side to change music i have two mice and was wondering if there was anything that i can use to set this up
  2. I am looking at getting my brother a good pair of wireless ear buds or headphones for his upcoming birthday. On the best buy website i have found a pair of Sony - WH-CH700N Wireless Noise Canceling Over-the-Ear Headphones for 89.00 and a pair of Samsung galaxy buds for 69.00 (certified refurbished) I am wondering if anybody has any input on which one i should purchase or if anybody has any input on another pair of wireless earbuds or headphones around the 75 to 100 dollar range.
  3. Computer specs: Gigabyte B450 Pro wifi Ryzen 5 3600 Gtx 1660 ti 650wt psu 1 tb hd 2 tb hd 250 gb ssd NZXt h510 case Original xbox one with 2 tb external hard drive three xbox controllers only the gray and blue one works the other two stopped working oculus rift s with controlers desk i found at a habitat for humanity chair is a realspace gaming chair one acer monitor 1080 p 60hz (left) one msi gaming monitor 1080p 144hz (right) redragon gaming mouse dierya x kemove mechanical keyboard with gateron brown switches monster lights neweer nw 800 mic the two cables coming from under my desk are for my xbox controller one is for my mic one is for the wired battery pack on the controller any recommendations to improve my setup are greatly appreciated
  4. I have Arizona sunshine on my oculus rift s through steam vr my buddy has an oculus quest and was thinking about getting it so we could play it together but he says he saw somewhere that you cannot co op between oculus quest and any other vr headset platform i was wondering if anybody knew if we could play together or if we cant just so he dose not spend 40 bucks on something he dose not want
  5. nevermind i dont know what i did differently but it worked now
  6. I have just purchased my Rift S and am trying to download the software for it. I have it set to my 2tb Hard drive (my V drive) which still has about 1tb of space left on it. however when i try to install the software it says that my drive does not have enough storage to download it.
  7. If you are ok with a 60 percent keyboard i would recommend the Dierya x Kemove 60% mechanical keyboard with your choice of switches i am pretty sure it comes in either blue brown or red gateron switches it does have rgb though so idk if that is what you would want to use at the library but i think that it is a solid keyboard for the price of 50 bucks
  8. I am looking at investing in a vr headset and am wondering what one i should purchase the oculus rift s or the oculus quest i do have a computer capable of supporting the rift s gtx 1660 ti and a ryzen 5 3600 16 gb ram what would you recommend
  9. would you recommend that i keep the fans already in my system or not
  10. yes i have and it still is very loud
  11. my pc that i just finished building is very loud because it only is using the two fans that came with the case and the cpu cooler i am wondering what fans you would recommend to make my computer very quiet
  12. gigabyte b450 aorus pro wifi i have this software downloaded but it doesn't have the self programable capability
  13. i am not sure if this is the right forum if not could you please send me in the right direction i have an rgb strip in my pc right now and it has self addressable lights inside i am wondering if there is any software that i can download to be able to take advantage of the option UNICORN PUKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!