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  1. looking for some help with a new build. my computer is getting a little outdated as far as processor goes. when thinking about upgrading my i7 from the 4th gen i decided on just going pretty current with the 9900k. my cpu build. with the age of my computer i just basically decided to salvage only the gpu (geforce 1070 gtx) and my hard drives (500gb ssd and 1tb memory) and start new with the rest. my main hurdle that im not the most knowledgeable about is motherboards. my general idea for the build is single card graphics card gaming pc. probably not much overclocking 16gb ram to start (possibly 32gb later on?) not worried about cd drive or anything. for my peripherals i have usb headset, my keyboard needs 2 usb slots and the mouse is one. also a dual monitor setup. not looking to break the bank on a motherboard but would like to make sure that i get something worth while with what i have. like i said the only future upgrade is probably ram but other than that the build will probably stay around the same for the foreseeable future.