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  1. I purchased a RTX 2080S Hybrid and often I can hear the noise of water trickling. It is very audible, last for a few seconds, but comes and goes. It doesn't matter if I am gaming or my PC is Idling it will make that noise every.. about 10min or so. I have the rad positioned at the back of the case as exhaust. Does orientation of the tubes coming out the top or bottom matter? To clarify if you looked at my setup the radiator is vertical with the tubes coming out the top. Should I rotate it so that the tubes are at the bottom? Does the orientation matter? And does the water trickling noise even matter?
  2. Tried to research this topic but all I could find were older post about HDD's. Say I have a NVME SSD with Windows 10 on it that I keep below 50% used disk space. Will I loose any performance by having games and applications on the same drive? Should I get a smaller NVME SSD just for my OS and a bigger one for games and applications? Or will one large NVME drive do me just fine? If there is a performance impact would it be 10%, 5% or 0.001%? My logic behind this is; Windows is always running processes in the background that need to read and write to the drive its on, therefore affecting performance.