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  1. mellowtable

    New Matebook Pro - Huawei

    What's all your problems with Huawei? I honestly don't think they are doing any more snooping than Google, Apple, Facebook etc do anyway?
  2. mellowtable

    New Matebook Pro - Huawei

    It is for work, I will be going to a media school where I'm expecting to edit 1080p footage (at least) regularly and audio stuff... Gaming would be an added bonus... I kinda want a laptop that can charge via USB-C Ideally light but you might be right I can't have it all
  3. mellowtable

    New Matebook Pro - Huawei

    fair point, I think gaming would still be ok with it, right? The display is amazing and the GPU kinda capable, right? I just want something really light...
  4. Any clue what kinda price we should be expecting for this thing? Also release date?! I read by April but also May/June on different articles on it... https://consumer.huawei.com/en/laptops/matebook-x-pro-2019/ I am expecting to indebt myself for this machine. Am I dumb? Who likes/dislikes it and why.
  5. mellowtable

    What's good I am a noob

    Fair point, yeah. Buying in Germany or UK, High usage, editing video, writing texts, battery life when just writing text maybe 5-6 hours? SD card slot kinda important, don't mind the display, really. Weight? Maybe 1.5kg? Thanks!
  6. Hey there glorious Linus community I just got accepted to a media school here in Germany and would probably fare best by getting a Laptop that can do all the media things. HOWEVER I am poor. (really poor) What should I be looking for if my budget is around 1000€/900GBP (I live between UK and EU), I don't wanna shop via amazon and I want a laptop that can edit video ok and maybe even get me 60fps in fortnite? OH and ideally the thing wouldn't be too heavy. I accept I might be a liiiiiiiiiittle unrealistic here. I don't really know what to look for. Help me if you have the time and nerves, ok??? Big thanks mellowtable