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  1. MSI GE73-8RF I know easily whether geforce is on because this laptop changes power led color from white to amber. But you can check it in for example hwinfo too. When dgpu is off its clocks, temperature, basically all sensors will be read as 0. This power draw doesn't come from apps, i can have <2% cpu utilization and 12W power, when the gpu shuts down, it falls down to 0.6W
  2. Hi, if you have a laptop with 8750h, could you tell me whats it's package power when idle, with dedicated GPU on and off? Today i've noticed that my CPU draws around 12W when it's idle, GT and IA cores draw less than a watt, but total package power is as i said, 12W. When GTX is off, the CPU draws only 0.5-0.8W. This affects CB score, when GPU is off, i can get as high as 1293 and CPU stays at 3.9GHz for the entire benchmark, with GPU on i get only like 1230. Asking because recently i totally disassembled my laptop, also was overclocking my 1070 (achieved 20k graphics in fire strike and it's stable ) and i don't know if it's normal or i screwed up something. I did not notice such behavior in this(i own it for like 7 months) or my last laptop (6700HQ+960M). Maybe i noticed it now because now msi afterburner keeps my gpu on all the time.