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  1. hwado685

    please help a noob build a computer

    ooo that you for your input, i thought the cpu may have been a bit on the slow side but looks like its not. i will change it to 2200G instead and search for the mobo and memory
  2. hwado685

    please help a noob build a computer

    thank you for your help, u might laugh at this but she will be just doing the office things like microsoft word etc. but her old computer struggles when she has EVERY program opened at the same time. every time i visit her she seems to have 20 windows open with all sorts of programs, and her google chrome has 20+ tabs opened also. as i close them 1 by 1 it seems to gain some speed. because i dont think she will change her habits, i think the main thing to aim for in this build is multi-tasking. her old computer is pretty slow - she bought it 3 years ago second hand - so we're going for fresh buy instead of an upgrade
  3. hwado685

    please help a noob build a computer

    thank you for your reply, i did notice this case is a bit taller than others on the market but it seems to be small enough for it to fit into the space thats available. at the same time im hoping it will help with the air flow. i hear u about the 2600, now im thinking of buying the 2400G instead. will things get bottle necked with this set up? im getting the impression 2400G is more towards low-mid tier cpu, will it make the use of the speed of the RAM and SSD? is it even worth going for M.2 SSD instead of the SATA one?
  4. My wife wanted to buy already built comp from a store PB tech and i thought she might get much better deal if i build them for her, can u guys please help me get some brownie points? the one she wanted to buy was this one; https://www.pbtech.co.nz/product/WKSHDT28840730A/HP-Prodesk-600-G2-SFF-Business-PC-Intel-i7-6700-8G things to consider in her build - space to put the computer case is limited, at the moment she has one of those flat cases, not a tower one, kinda like this one https://www.pbtech.co.nz/product/CHASVT0310/Silverstone-SST-ML03B-black-Milo-ML03B-HTPC-Deskto - she once she opens a program like microsoft word, excel, chrome, calculator etc etc, she always keeps them minimized and goes onto the next window so after a week or so, i notice her computer with 20 windows open and the computer running slow. so i think i need plenty of RAM to combat her behavior, is 16GB too much for multitasking with these kinds of programs? at the moment im thinking of getting; im not very good at this computer stuff, my last computer, my friend built for me and he basically chose all the components for me so im not sure if i have chosen the right things, please let me know if some of these components arent compatible with each other or if i should be getting another brand etc. i think this might be more important with memory, processor, and motherboard. i chose these with some googling only, not even sure if 1 component will bottleneck another, or if theyre able to be fitted together >.<; ps. the total is $2200ish so i have some wriggle room, but saving her some moneyz will be alright also edit: since posting this, i have found out that cpu doesnt come with integrated graphics, so im looking at ryzen 2400G instead. with all these components put together, do u guys think anything will bottleneck other things? edit 2: im thinking of replacing the SATA SSD to maybe M2 or PCiE SSD. which will be most suitable in this build?