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  1. yeah i did, but taht didnt help
  2. what would be the best way to do this?
  3. No, ill try if i everything else doesnt work
  4. Hi, I built my current gaming Pc in 2017. Specs: 1060 6gb i5 7600k 16 gb ddr4 2133 Mhz ram 128 gb Intenso ssd 1 tb wd hdd Everything was alright, apart from one Virus a while ago (I reseted my System) until ca. a month ago. I currently play a lot of Gta 5 and noticed a lot of unusual lags. Im normally playing at around 70 Fps and then for no concernable reason it goes down to 30 Fps or lower. Its really random. For example im opening the map and suddendly the game is unplayable, it doesnt really have to do with how busy my screen is. Furthermore my Pc often has probelms rendering the world, especially when driving or flying. The textures are suddednly really low polly or are missing completly. I already did an virusscan with malwarebytes, which found nothing and turned down the texturequality. What part of my Pc could be at fault here and how could I fix it?