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  1. Could use some help, I have built PCs form Office for past 15 years, just starting to game on PC, I am building system form my adult son, we play PUBG on Xbox but want to move to PC, I am building twin systems. 1. what did I forget, did I choose something wrong, any advice would be great. 2. I mounted a 4X ACOG scope (not trijicon) on red metal “strip” I cleaned out inside of scope and filled with a led strip Corsair, any ideas on a better way to light up scope? Or accent it. 1 Built so far: NZXT 700 PUBG Crate case evga 850 gold MSI Z390-E i9 9900K *** Corsair vengeance RGB Pro 32gb total 4-8 gb 3000GHz DDR 4 1-samsung 970 pro 1tb NVMe M.2 2-500 gb ssd Samsung Kraken x72 top mount Corsair RGB 120 fans 3 front 3 top and left 120 NXZT at back NZXT internal USB hub ***MSI GTX 1070TI GPU corsair RGB LED strip and node 4X ACOG Scope (bought on amazon - knock off) wrapped LED strip on inside of scope