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  1. Hey, so I came home from work Today to find that I have been Subscribed too about 10 extra youtube channels. They all seem to be gaming/tech channels.Some I was subbed to some before though some I have never heard of. Is this something Youtube does? I googled it though couldn't come up with a definitive answer, something about Youtube gaming which I never used anyway. Just worried It could be a virus more than anything.
  2. I tried DDU though windows installed the same driver before I could run the nvidia one. Though the DCH version has worked. Just curious though in what the difference is? Any difference in performance? Thanks
  3. https://www.nvidia.com/Download/driverResults.aspx/145534/en-us
  4. Hi, can someone please help with this problem. I have just done a clean install of windows 10 and updated it to version 1809. And I have gone to install the nvidia drivers for my 1070ti and I keep getting a error message at the system check that says Nvidia installer cannot continue with this version of Windows.I search for a solution though have come up with anything. People are saying to update windows though I think this is the latest version.Any ideas people. I have never had this happen before? Thanks guys
  5. It's a western digital 1tb green drive. About 4 years old. Using windows 10. The drive has the same problem installed in the system. I created a new Partition after deleting the old one though it won't let me format the partition. I think the problem might be when trying to create a partition cause it seamed to hang for a bit.
  6. Hi, I have bought a usb hard drive enclosure and was looking to use an old hard drive I had lying around for back ups. Though when i connect it up the drive was recognized in windows though I couldn't write any files to it. I deleted all the partions on the drive in disk management and got it back to a raw disk though every time I try to reformat it I get an error message.Is there anything else to try or is it ready for the bin? Thanks.
  7. I am sure I am using the right email. I will leave it until tomorrow and try again then. Thanks.
  8. Hey, I just recently reinstalled GTA V on steam. and I could not remember my password so I tried to reset my account password though they didn't send the email to reset. After a few attempts now I am getting an error message every time I try to reset. (error 4001.25). Any one know a way around this. I tried to create a new account though that didn't work either.
  9. Looks interesting.Will read some reviews. Hmm.I forgot about that cooler.Thanks
  10. Thanks for that I think I will go for the dark rock.
  11. It is an old Corsair Obsidion. In Sydney Australia.
  12. Hey. I have recently built a new pc though I want to upgrade the cooler to get a better overclock and to be quieter. Here is what I have. 8600k@ 4.8/ cooler master hyper 212/ corsair vengeance rgb ram/ msi m5 motherboard/ gtx 107ti. I was looking to get the dark rock 4 (non pro) or the notcua nh-u12s though I am worried about ram clearance cause they are not low profile sticks.The fan on the hyper 212 is right up against the ram as it is at the moment. Thoughts?
  13. Thanks, I think that might have solved it from changing from a USB2 Port to a USB 3. Seems to be working now
  14. Hi. I have recently built a new pc with a MSI motherboard. And since then every time I restart my Ducky Shine Zero is not responding until I hit function f12. Which is the N key roll over. Anyone know why this is happening. Its not a big deal though just a bit annoying. I have disabled wake on usb in bios though didn't help. Thanks.