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  1. Hi guys, thanks for all the help ! Rotating the cooler was the solution ! The cooler is not centered on the cpu so as streetguru said, there is one side taller than the other ! The graphics card fits very easily now ! Thanks for the tip streetguru !
  2. Thanks, gonna try that as well if the cooler flip method doesnt work !
  3. Hello guys, I come to you for help ! I just built my first PC yesterday and everything worked perfectly on the first shot ! Expect for the graphics card.... My motherboard is the Asus Prime X570-P and I have a Noctua cooler (DH-15S) on top of a Ryzen 7 3800X. After assembling everything, I noticed that the Noctua cooler covers the first PCIe sot and i cant put my 2070 Super graphics card in on that slot... It's just impossible without contact between the cooler and the graphics card. My system is in a H500 case from NZXT. So i tried to put my 2070 Super in the second and last PCIex16 slot, and it worked, i booted and everything, but in windows the graphics card isnt showing up (Task Manager and Device Manager). After looking around online, I cant find a solid answer : Can i put my GPU onto the second PCIex16 slot on this motherboard without any performance loss ? The thing that makes me so doubtful is that on the manual of the board it is written that the first PCIex16 slot doesn't work the same way as the second (but i cant really understand what it is said - See linked image). So if i need to put the graphics card onto the first PCIEx16 slot, can i rotate the Noctua cooler by 90 degrees, making enough room for the card to fit onto the first slot, or is it a bad idea / impossible due to the way it's build to rotate the cooler in such a way ? Thanks in advance for all your advices, and sorry for my poor english (i'm not a native speaker...) !