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  1. Frank6262

    Wifi Repeat

    Hi everyone! I have a Netgear R7000 on dd-wrt as my internet gateway and wifi AP. But in the other rooms the connection sucks because of massive walls. So I took a GLinet Router and set this open-wrt thing into WDS client mode. Works. But 50% signal strength. Before I tried to make it an AP with same SSID and password, but these two routers are slightly incompatible when it comes to crypting. You end up your laptop is connecting only two one of these. Well in WPA1 mode it works fine. Because there is an LAN port at both sites of the APs I wanted to setup WDS pet LAN. But this doesn’t work. does anybody has an idea how to utilise 3 of these glinet routers to make them repeaters of the maximum performance possible for these little kiddies?
  2. Frank6262

    Why is AMD the Budget Option for Gamers?

    Hi there! well from gaming performance perspective it may be right. But I am always afraid to buy AMD because of missing CPU features (AVX, MMX, VT-d,...) how about that?