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    Fort Wayne, Indiana
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    Computer Science major with minor in Network Engineering. Current SysAdmin love to game and build Custom PCs
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    System Admin


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    AMD FX-8370 @ 4.8ghz
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    Asus 970 Pro gaming Aura
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    32GB HyperX 1600mhz
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    EVGA 1080 Founders
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    Thermaltake View 71 Snow
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    WD 250GB SSD Seagate Baracuda 4TB
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    EVGA SuperNova 850
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    Generic PnP
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    Wraith Cooler
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    Razer Cynosa Chroma
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    Logitech G300s
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    Win 10

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  1. @Jarno. You and I both, if we didn't already have all of the keyboards and mice, I would personally pony up money to buy them...haha
  2. @Jarno. It is ThinOS. So dell proprietary stuff...yay
  3. @Jarno. Fn + F1 is on the TC itself, we have all function keys turned off through the windows RDP section. Through the BIOS there are no logical places that the function keys can be placed or changed. @Master Disaster trust me, i want to disassemble all 75 keyboards and take care of it that way. But boss man says no.
  4. Hello all! We are currently trying to rollout a lot of Dell Wyse 5010 Thin Clients for a school. We have it locked down pretty well and are using an RDP server to host and lock the ability of the students even further. We are still having an issue with the fn + f1 key shutting the thin client down. We do have autopower configured in the even of a power loss, it comes back on, but since it isn't a power failure, the thin client stays off, so this hotkey needs to be turned off. (last step too, go figure) We have Dell Wyse Management Suite installed on a server that the thin clients get their configurations from and we have a couple lines of .ini files in the advanced configuration section added. For example one is KeySequence=yes Ctrl+Alt+down=no to turn off the window switching on the thin client. After a long two phone calls with Dell, they do not even know if it can be down and no where on google can I find anyone that has been able to do it. I can find several docs showing the wrong KeySequences for this thin client (we have 5010). So, anyone out there in the awesome land know how to fix? Please help!
  5. Tracerts take longer because it has to report back what path it took to get their. While a ping does not care about the in-between. 8ms is really good and there is no way or reason you should think it is fake or false. There is no way to fake a ping response time at all. I personally get 6ms to
  6. @Comic_Sans_MS That is what Nvidia's site was stating, a minimum 300w. I know the CPU is 55w, and that the GPU was one of those three, but according to manufacture specs, a 300w is needed.
  7. I personally run a Ubiquiti USG as my router. The Ubiquiti software has all that you are looking for. If you are confident with some Ubuntu and know how to Google, you can make a pretty sick router out of it. I then have a managed POE switch that connect my Ubiquiti AP Pros hardwired with a UAP-AC-M-US in the backyard to cover that. I love it and have no issues at all. I only have 2 AP Pros and it covers the whole house (3140 sqft).
  8. Oof, I would call your ISP then, maybe your OMT needs replaced. They will also be able to see more than I can from my end. Sorry! Keep these images though to show them the proof.
  9. So this tells me something is down somewhere. With the two requests timing out and the 184ms for to get back. Has it been prolonged that you've seen the issues, or just today? Google has been under some pretty bad attacks lately.
  10. Can you run a tracert command to using default DNS? Command is tracert
  11. I currently rock a Ubiquiti USG for my router, leading into a POE switch to power the Ubiquiti AC Pro's. I have a 3140sqft house and have no issues. Key is AP placement. Ubiquiti does have some mesh APs to make it easier that you don't have to run wires. Do no get the nighthawk or the rapture. both have too many bells and whistles that you can easily do on any router and some patients and some googling. No need to pay more when you can do it on something half the cost.
  12. Found this site: https://www.mouser.com/Embedded-Solutions/Memory-Data-Storage/Storage/Solid-State-Drives-SSD/_/N-9pk1g?P=1yxk4ep But at those prices, oof. Just get WD Blue's 250 gb.$45 or $56 for 500gb.
  13. So with you on DSL, you are sharing the copper with your neighbors. So if someone is streaming a movie, they take more bandwidth. You could try to change the DNS server that you computer tries to reach. This doesn't always work, but its a shot. Since everyone (typically) goes to google for their DNS, you can try to take the road less traveled. Or, see if you can get on fiber, youd have your own dedicated wavelength and see less spikes. But if you want to try the DNS, open a file explorer, paste this path Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Network and Sharing Center, should take you to this. Click ethernet, then properties, double click ipv4, then you should see DNS greyed out. Click use the following dns. I personally like OpenDNS. Although I don't have them on my Windows but do for my Ubuntu's. Use these IPs for the primary and secondary respectively. and Then click apply and okay (or just okay if you trust your machine. I treat mine like it is at the bottom of a well with lotion.) Try to ping to the primary and see if there is improvement, and then also the Don't put all your faith in me, its been a while since I've been on DSL haha.
  14. Is it for work? Have a Dell, HP, or some other account? Or for personal use?
  15. Per Nvidia's website here: https://www.geforce.com/hardware/desktop-gpus/geforce-gt-630/specifications Your system will not work based on the 200w power supply. You need at minimum a 300w psu for the system. I would recommend a 500w at minimum so when you do upgrade (which I would say do it as soon as ryzen 3000 is released or wait for intel ice lake if you're an intel fanboy). Its a pretty dated system. An RX 580 is 1380% better per userbenchmark. which is under $200