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  1. thanks for sharing! but why some people are not having this issue(as they claim), so if it's true,then there is something must be going wrong to both of us, and need to be figure out,that's why I'm asking,maybe someone who is expert can help us. So anyone who is managing to play without stutters ,and have a free time,will he please guide me,and tell me what's going on,and how I will manage to get a consistent frametime, smooth gameplay,that will be greatly appreciated.
  2. so any other suggestions,and can anyone tell me why this is happening, and how can I fix it? I've tried recently reducing the resolution to 1080p and using RTSS to cap FPS at 100,while the frametime graph was much more smoother(line,not zigzag),however a big stutters were so much,all the time,so it felt even worse. I don't know what to do,I've played with the game settings many times,monitor settings,and NCP settings,and no help really.
  3. your welcome buddy, hope it all goes well for you
  4. you can backup your personal files(documents,videos,pictures,etc...), on an external storage and then you can drag them again on your PC once you have reinstalled windows if you want. but games,apps and drivers need to be reinstall again. I think this video might help you a lot on how to perform a clean installation of windows 10 download the Microsoft installation tool from here https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10startfresh and this guide are very well explained of how you can perform a clean installation of windows 10 https://forums.tomshardware.com/faq/how-to-do-a-clean-installation-of-windows-10.3170366/ but it is not guarantee that it will solve your issue. again,a higher resolution means more GPU usage,and GTA V is well known that with high end GPUs (like my 1080 or your 2060), playing it at 1080p,CPU will bottleneck your GPU,so you can get a higher FPS in 1440p as you can see in this video so I can say that GTA V isn't well optimized. and btw,do you optimize your games using GeForce experience feature?
  5. I believe you can increase your native resolution through Nvidia Control Panel go to---->manage 3d settings select program settings if you want to test a specific app or game and where you see DSR factors: it should been by default off,click on it to choose your desire resolution scale(1.20x or 1.50x all the way up to 4.00x) your native resolution but GTA 5 has this option in the advanced graphics settings,go ahead and try it.(at the last bottom). assuming that you are already running MSAA x8, and you want to push your gpu even further.
  6. my friend those flat 144fps were at the menu(before entering into the gameplay),so you don't have to take this part as an example. and btw, if you look closely and compare each fps with the frametime you should clearly see that it is not good,I won't say that in every frame but it almost very near to that,it is not about 25%. if you want to see a different title to test it,no problem. yeah I totally agree with you,it is not horrible gaming experience,it is not that it's unplayable,but I just want to get that smoothness feel,like if I'm getting 60 fps,then I don't want the frametime to go higher than 16.7, there is no problem in fps spiking,because it is not a problem that can be solved(I think), but at least I want frametime to be as expected(I mean every frame I get should has the desirable frametime for it). I hope I made it clear now. windows is already running on it it is already disabled(in game and in NCP) first thank you for your suggestions,really appreciate your help I tried that before in GTA V and NFS PayBack,but doing so didn't help as well,the reason for that is the GPU usage,it won't hit the limit,and I think that's because he can perform better than those limited FPS,so even with this limiter,I got GPU usage issue,and the fps most of the time are consistent,but frametime is not,don't know why. I have done a lot of recordings while playing different games and in differnet scenarios,but I don't know if there is need to see it,so if you prefer I may upload a link on one drive. again it is not terrible experience ,I'm not complaining about fps, my complain is about frametime only.
  7. yeah I thought so. really? where was that? it's rarely hit the 100 fps you mentioned and though the frametime were sometimes good but there were a moments too which it were not. and don't you agree with me that the graph shows a lot of stutter? I think frametime weren't good,it hadn't been stable for the same fps counter. yeah,you're totally right I was changing maps, so the test be more accurate. all my games are installed on SSD. yeah your'e right,but again,frametime is clearly not consistent,not just because of fps spikes,and you can clearly see that most of the time it is higher that it what should be. how I do that, I didn't understand,and what is NV? sorry for late
  8. you mean turn off g-sync,yeah? and why games might not like it? anyway I tried that once,but no help
  9. good question, but how I will know either, how can I identify that? btw, the PSU as well has been changed, but the BSODs were exist too, so at first,two time GPU replaced, then PSU, then CPU,(just with replacing the CPU,the BSODs were gone).
  10. So there are the two files which you can see through gpu/cpu usage/core clock,....etc,while gaming BF1 Campaign Every file is a 5mb size, the one you see with a higher fps, that's when I recorded it with a lower settings. The other one,setting were maxed to ultra, even resolution scale was 125% So what I lowered is that: 1) Resolution scale: 100% 2) Anti-aliasing: off 3) Ambient Occlusion: off HardwareMonitoring.hml HardwareMonitoring.hml
  11. Hello there, So in all games which I play on, I'm experiencing a lot of frame rate and frame time spikes all around, even frametime is considerably high to the framerates, which means you don't really feel it smooth. Those are my games:(Battlefield3&4&1&5), (NFS PayBack), (GTA V) , (C.O.D WW2), and other titles. My PC is 2 years old, have replaced my GTX 1080 twice due to a failure issues, (electric related), have had a CPU failure(I7-6800K), due to a bad overclock(don't know if my GPU failure was because of that). My full rig specs: GTX 1080, I7-6850K @Stock,(Corsair H60 AIO Cooler), PSU Thermaltake Smart RGB 600W, 16GB 2400MHZ 1STICK, Gigabyte X99-UD4, 1TB 860 EVO+250 850 EVO+2TB HDD G-Sync 2560x1440p 144-165HZ(Overclock-able)1ms response time You can see it in a full detail as well below(by DXDIAG). I'll also attach two files which contain : GPU Usage Core Clock Power Memory Clock Memory Usage Framerate Frametime CPU Temperature (not CPU1, CPU2 etc) CPU1 t/m CPUn Usage (meaning all numbers of threads you have, don't select CPU Usage without a number) CPU clock speed RAM Usage I watched a previous recording I had been doing while playing GTA 5 ,that time, the game was running on the failure I7-6800K, and if I remember right, my GPU too (was bad), and my whole system at that point was struggling(wasn't able to play more than a consistent 1 hour, before I got a BSOD), my frametime were so much better than now!!!., how could that be?, a failure system with a lower CPU clock speed and a lower GPU core clock, but it performed better!!!. Anyway, thanks.