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  1. This is what I'm looking at. I think it fulfills what I'm looking for, but certainly would value opinions and thoughts on this. https://www.newegg.com/p/2WC-000N-00R57?&quicklink=true
  2. Sorry, I didn't mean a $600 laptop. I actually meant the difference between a $1,500 and a $2,100+. My budget is $1,000-$1,500, but closer to a $1,000 is preferred.
  3. Hello, I am in the market for a laptop, and I must profess a certain degree of ignorance. Especially in the realm of CPUs. I could research the fastest and latest, but there has to be a point of diminishing returns. Is $500-$600 for a laptop with the latest and greatest CPU/GPU worth the added cost. I don't play a lot of Triple A games though, it would be nice to have the option. I primarily stick to older titles, including World of Warcraft (which I know has been heavily updated). I don't do video editing, and my copies of Photoshop ans Illustrator are about 15 years old. Wants: * Quality screen. Refresh needn't be 120. * >16gb of RAM * 1 TB storage. * Ability to run all games on at least medium settings. * HDMI port * Battery that lasts 2-3 hours under a load. *Durable construction (I travel a lot) Would be nice: * Light weight * large screen * Thunderbolt * Optical drive * Touchscreen Don't Care About: * RGB * keyboard * trackpad * webcam * Internal Storage (can be HD or SSD)
  4. I want to thank everyone for their input. It seems there still isn't a clear winner.
  5. Okay, without any preamble I'll just get to the point. I am looking for a fairly inexpensive laptop to use while I am out on the road as a truck driver. I don't care about RGB, not do I need to be able to max out all the settings. I mostly just play WOW anyway. I don't want something super expensive that runs the risk of being damaged or stolen. As such I think Best Buy has an acceptable option with the Acer Nitro5. Older specs, but I think it fulfills my immediate needs especially if I drop in another 8gb ram chip. But, there are two options. A system wirh a GTX 1050 with a 1TB hard drive. Or A system with a GTX 1050ti with a 250gb ssd. The 1050ti seems like the slam dunk, but 250gb is pretty small, and having to have external hard drives might be a bit of a hassle. What do you all think?