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  1. @Commissar DinxyI tried that command but it still takes me to the "black screen with a white - on left corner" instead of the bios
  2. laptop:- Acer helios 300 PH317-53 I was trying to set up a dual boot with linux and windows on seperate ssds I did these things before installing linux in bios RST disable (using ahci instead) Set BIOS supervisor password Secure boot disable enable F12 Windows boot mgr Then i proceeded to install manjaro with KDE and the installation was successful, but after that when i tried to access bios i just couldn't. There was just a "-" on the top left corner and nothing else wiping the linux ssd seems to solve the problem any help would be really appreciated :)
  3. sorry to bother you again @eigenvektor but if i encrypt my entire linux partition then is it possible that vanguard can access it?
  4. Is there any way i can play this game without giving up all of my data for scanning?
  5. Vanguard is the anti cheat of a game called valorant which runs on kernel level (ring 0). I have privacy concerns regarding it as it runs right from the boot. I use windows only for gaming and linux for everything else. Can vanguard access anything from the linux partition? relevant reddit thread:- https://redd.it/g2zu1c
  6. okay i will try to get a business connection if possible. about the offsite pc, what should be the specs for that?
  7. i dont have a business grade connection but i can apply for it. my data limit are unlimited 60mbpsdown and 30mbps upload speed. ryzen 5 3500 (6 cores, 6 threads) costs 145$ here and 3600 (6 cores, 12 threads) costs 220$
  8. What are the users doing? How much total bandwidth are we thinking? users would be playing in csgo servers. Also it will be our google drive, netflix, and discord alternative. i dont have any idea about the bandwidth needed Do you mind used? Id try to get something like a r720 or another dual 2011 system if you can, ten run a hypervisor on it. i dont have any experience in servers, so i will need to look into "hypervisor". does ltt has a video on it? also i dont mind used at all, but r720 is priced at 1300USD here in india. is it a reasonable price? How much storage do you need? around 1-2tb per user. so including another offsite backup it will be 40 tb, i.e. 20tb per system If you want new, Id go with a ryzen 6 core or above. yeah that would be a lot cheaper over here. But will it be sufficent? also how much ram will i need?
  9. use cases A personal cloud server Matrix server Csgo server Remote media server (personal netflix?) Torrenting budget I want it to be value for money. As long as we get decent performance we are good. So budget as low as possible country India features needed Possibility to upgrade in the future. Extra info or particulars: Number of users are pretty low and will never exceed 15. Usually 3-10 The system needs to be able to be accessed remotely Matrix is a communication server for chatting, calling and video calling I have no idea what kind of specs would be needed and thats why my budget is vague. I would also need another pc as an offsite backup. Do i need the same specs as this one or i can cheap out?