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  • CPU
  • Motherboard
    Asus rog strix z390-f gaming
  • RAM
    Kingston Hyperx Predator RGB 16Gb
  • GPU
    Asus rog strix 2070OC
  • Case
    Fractal design meshify c
  • Storage
    Samsung 970 evo plus 500gb
  • PSU
    Cooler master 750w 80plus bronze
  • Display(s)
    MSI optix mag241C
  • Cooling
    Cooler master hyper 212 RGB black edition and 3 intake and 3 exhaust fans.
  • Keyboard
    Steelseries apex 100
  • Mouse
    Steelseries rival 510
  • Sound
    Steelseries arctis 5
  • Operating System
    WIndows 10pro

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  1. Hello guys, so I need a little help deciding which keyboard to pick. Currently I'm stuck between Steelseries Apex 7 and Cooler master MK750. When I'm picking a keyboard design and esthetics are really important to me. So those two look most attractive to me from all the keyboards I went through. I'm leaning towards Apex 7 a bit more, but it's a bit more expensive. So which one would be a simply a better one to go for? Btw I'm only looking for a full size keyboard, since I do use those 10keys, so tkl or even smaller ones don't peak my interest. And since it would be my first my mechanical keyboard, which switches are better? Red or brown? I don't want loud and clicky blues.
  2. Yeah I heard alot about those sides pealing off and getting stick from the glue and that's one of my concerns about getting one. And I heard that razer software isn't good, but I believe you can configure it once and delete it later since it saves it all on the firmware and I believe the rubber sides are built in somehow there so they shouldn't have those problems and with optical mechanical switches shouldn't be getting the double click problems. That's what is attractive about razer mice, those switches, good sensor and that side grips shouldn't be coming off, ofcourse biggest con is the software i believe and I don't know about the rest of build quality and comfort of it.
  3. What happened to it that it broke so quickly?
  4. You might be right there, but I just don't want a D in my hand while gaming that's why I'm leaning towards those two I mentioned before, since the price is not that much different and steelseries or razor just seem more durable, steelseries is on a heavier side I admit being 96g without additional weights, but deathadder is about 82g i believe and that doesn't seem like too heavy since my current mouse is 88g i believe, it's just that i don't know if deathadder going to be comfortable.
  5. Well where I live g wolves skoll is not available and with international shipping it would get more expensive than it should be, I don't really like the model O or gpro wireless because i think it wouldn't fit my grip too well, and razor viper seems like the side buttons are kinda difficult to use while game since they are so small and not sticking out at all. otherwise razor viper would look like a great mouse to get, but i think it may not be for me
  6. Well I mainly play apex or csgo, i was looking into a model D but, just not sure how durable it would be in the long run,because of the hole punch desing and switches are only rated for 20m clicks and the whole design is a little off putting, since the way the holes are punched on it kinda resembles a penis to me, not sure if its just me or if it is intended that way since it's a model D
  7. So i've been using a steelseries rival 310 for a couple years now and started to experience a double click issue with the left mouse button and now I'm in the market for a new mouse and don't really know which one i should choose since i don't have any options to try them out before buying. I have pretty wide hands 19cm in length but about 10,5cm wide so i mostly like larger ergonomic mice and I'm a palm grip kinda guy. So now I'm wondering which one would be better to get Razer deathadder v2 or steelseries rival 600? Since all my peripherals are steelseries right now I'm drawn to a Rival 600, but is it still good in 2020? Because Deathadder v2 seems to have better specs but I have never even owned any of Razer products and by just the looks of it, it doesn't look as comfortable as Rival 600. So does anyone have any advice, maybe you had a chance to compare those two? Any help is appreciated guys
  8. Nvm me, found a pretty comfortable overclock at 4,6ghz, no problems so far, i know i could push it more, but i don't want to go to the limit
  9. Is there a good guide how to overclock this cpu? I have asus rog strix z390-f gaming mb and I tried to do some overclocking, not realy sure how to overclock manualy, but after I enabled some kind of automatic AI overclock and launched cinebecnch r20 my pc started rattling... what's up with that?
  10. I know this toppic might be already somewhere out there, but there's over 800 pages and it's hard to go through them all, so I just want to ask, can you realy get legit windows key for under 15$ from scdkey or sites like that? Will there be any issues or something after awhile? Is checkout secure and all that? I'm planning on building a new pc which will be expensive already so windows for that much if it's legit would be quite nice or I will just be left with that watermark in the corner. Thanks for help guys.
  11. So I'm currently trying to decide which one to get between these two monitors: Acer Predator XB241YU and MSI Optix MAG27CQ. Both of these have 144hz, 1440p and 1ms response time,g-sync on Acer and adaptive sync on MSI, but Acer offers 350nits birghtness and MSI only 250, but you get higher contrast on MSI of 3000:1 and i like that curved screen when on Acer it's only 1000:1, so what i want to know is 250nits enough for gaming? Will there be a big difference between 250 and 350nits? Ofc i will want to watch movies and videos on that monitor as well, so i need to know which is a better choice for all that. Thanks for help.