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    Ryzen 9 3900x
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    Asus ROG Crosshair VI Hero
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    G.SKILL Trident Z RGB 2x8GB
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    Gigabyte GTX 1080 G1 Gaming
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    Cougar Conquer
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    XPG 480GB N.vme SSD, 2TB Seagate HDD
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    Corsair RM750x
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  1. Not yet. The weird thing is since I posted this, I plugged in the cable again and now its only been doing it occasionally (only about twice so far). The headset is setting on the desk not moving so it's not like the cables being moved around a whole lot.
  2. Thats what I'm thinking. Like it can't be that there's too many ports, why else would they all be here? I wanna avoid dropping 27 bucks or so on a PCIE card for it, but if it comes to that it's not the end of the world.
  3. I've been experiencing an issue with the USB port on my motherboard for a few months now, but I just assumed it was the cable that I was using. I recently picked up an Oculus Link compatible USB C cable and it worked perfectly for the first day, but I am back to having the issue of the headset connecting and disconnecting in a loop for about 30 seconds or so before stopping. I originally had this issue whenever I connected my phone. I've install the drivers for the motherboard from Asus' website but the issue still remains. Could it possibly be that I have two many devices using USB ports? I have 8 in total plugged in. I wouldn't imagine that it would be an issue but what else could it be? Could I just have gotten two cheap cables that are shoddy out of the box?
  4. I just install an LSI 9260-8i into my home server to free up some SATA ports and clean up the wiring a bit. However, none of the drives that are connected through the SAS Controller are showing. I am using SAS to 4-SATA cables and all of the drives that are being connected are 4TB HP Midline drives. The drives show up in the controller's BIOS all with their proper capacities, but once in Windows they're nowhere to be found. I've checked device manager and the controller is listed there with the most recent drivers. What is it that I'm missing here? As always, thanks in advance guys!
  5. I pulled the trigger on the Quest last night after doing some more research. Apparently, theres a workaround way to even use the Quest over wifi so you end up with completely wireless VR, which I dont exactly expect to be perfect but it's worth at least a try. I have an extra, dual band wifi card that I could chuck into my machine and use a hotspot to handle the connection, so hopefully that serves me better than hooking up a router. I was also looking at something like this to replace the rather lackluster head strap on the Quest, although I'll have to see for myself how I like the original strap. Excited to finally get my feet wet with VR!
  6. Thank you so much for that break down! Lots of information, I love it It sounds like the Quest is actually the better system compared to the Rift S if you end up getting the Quest Link cable, which I wouldn't mind investing in. I wasn't aware that the resolution of the Quest was actually higher compared to the Rift S. I know its not exactly much compared to the Rift S, but if they have the same panel the higher resolution would help with SDE, correct? I wouldn't exactly be particularly interested in the mobile aspect of the Quest, but having it as a potential alternative/option just in case is quite appealing. From the looks of it, the Quest is a no brainer if I don't mind buying that adapter cable?
  7. How come the Quest over the Rift S? They seem to be the same price and the Rift S appears to have better specs across the board.
  8. I've been reading a lot more and it seems the Cosmos is just not worth the 700 bucks for it. As much as I would love the Index, I just can't justify spending 1000 bucks before any games for it. At the same time though, I'd rather wait and spend 1000 for the Index than pay 400 for the Rift S and then eventually another 1000 for the Index later on. I'm not even sure my 1080 would be enough for the Index though. Whats the big difference between the Quest and the Rift S? It seems they're the same price so I'd rather just go with the Rift S at first glance, unless there's differences that make the Quest better in terms of usage. I'd rather move my rig and my headset if the visuals are better.
  9. I recently tried out a friends Rift S over the weekend and I'm quickly learning that that was a mistake on my part seeing as I know am selling off my stockpiled hardware to get the funds for a VR setup. I didn't have any complaints with the Rift S while I played (roughly 2 hours or so in one go). No motion sickness, eye strain, or tracking issues. I was pleasantly surprised considering a lot of what I've read about the potential horrors that VR can be sometimes. I at first wanted to get the Rift S until I remembered that there was a headset that peaked my interest a while back that was still unreleased: the Cosmos. As far as I know it has a higher resolution and refresh rate (90Hz I think?). I have read that the Cosmos is a bit of a sh*tshow in terms of its software and I've seen some people say that the tracking is awful and their headset frequently complains about the room being too dark. These issues coupled with the 699 price tag makes me hesitant to pull the trigger. Additionally, I'm not sure if either of these two are really the best options. The inside out tracking sounds fantastic for me since I'm not exactly keen on mounting sensors around my room, although I do know that it would offer better tracking. All in all, I dont mind spending ~700 bucks on the Cosmos, so long as its the best option for that price. I've heard the Index is far and away the kind at the moment, but they're not exactly easy to find as well as the additional 300 dollars. On the other hand, I could get the Rift S for 399 and use that extra 300 dollars for games and other upgrades. I am a confused man in need of some serious help! As always, thanks in advance guys
  10. So it seems that I was misunderstanding the guide. The premade config file it was offering me were meant for laptop users, which clearly I am not! Down side is I cannot find any clover config files for my board/chipset.
  11. Oof alrighty. Whould that just be a KVM virtual machine inside of something like Ubuntu Server?
  12. I don't believe so? Every optional config is listed by Intel Graphics name. So they're all like "HD3000", ""HD5600" and the like.
  13. Not sure if you're able to help, but I figured I'd ping you just in case. I have to select a config file based on what Intel GPU I have (per the guide), but the cpus I'm using are Xeon x5690s, which don't have integrated graphics. Do you have any idea what I'm supposed to do? Thanks for the help so far!
  14. I haven't really done much at all with Mac OS so I'm totally lost in the sauce with it. Would I have to run it within a VM or could I install it directly to an SSD with a boot USB drive? Thank you! I'll take a look at those and read through it all. Any tips or should the articles be more or less enough?