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  1. This seems like it should have been fixed with a quick google search but multiple searches are not turning up anything useful. Because I'm printing page headers that have graphics on them, MS Word interprets that as something to print that's hanging over the side of the document and it's annoying that every time, every day after pressing print it warns me that my margins are too small and not all the information will print. It prints fine, every time because there's nothing actually there to print, just the blank part of a text box. Google searches are telling me that it's set by the printer and not MS word but seriously, there must be a registry hack that lets me just disable this error and let me print without having to confirm it each and every time. Running windows 7 Pro SP1 Printer is a Brother HL-3140CW
  2. Jackalovski

    Creative Zxr upmixing, asking for a friend

    My friend want to know: " how to set "copy" of Apo to ignore multichannel "
  3. Jackalovski

    Creative Zxr upmixing, asking for a friend

  4. Jackalovski

    Creative Zxr upmixing, asking for a friend

    I've passed this on to them and they've said that there is no 'enhancements tab' not where I have my enhancements tab anyway, which is under speaker properties. they even sent me a screen shot showing it. Thank you for your help so far, it is appreciated. This sound card just doesn't seem to be set up very well. Edit: There's actually a lot of setting missing in the windows sections of the sound controls. it's like the ZxR software has disabled and hidden them. possibly to force you to use the creative graphical interface. Is there any way to install the creative driver without the software and jsut let windows control it? Or...is there a registry hack they could do to re-enable the enhancements tab? Not sure where any settings that creative might have changed in the registry might be but willing to search for it with a little guidance.
  5. Jackalovski

    Creative Zxr upmixing, asking for a friend

    Thank you for your help Derkoli, but maybe I've explained it unclearly, there is only one issue here. the volume levels are fine when doing a sound test or when playing a movie or any source that is 5.1 native. The issue is that CMSS is set to creative's 'stereo xpand' setting which is what it's called on my X-Fi card, it ups the volume on the center speaker and drops the volume on the rears when playing a 2.0 sound source. We jsut want to find a way to switch it to 'stereo surround'. The drivers are also up to date however creative never release updated or improved drivers anyway.
  6. Jackalovski

    Creative Zxr upmixing, asking for a friend

    So a friend of mine, I cant say who or why they cant ask here themselves but lets just say that they are not first language English and leave it at that. So they listen to a lot of music on YouTube, stuff that either isn't available where they live any other way or just isn't available. They like listening to the music through their surround speakers, the same way I really do with mine so they got themselves a Creative Zxr sound card. Now, the sound card works fine, passes all the tests and the correct audio comes out of each speaker for them but... When they try to play a 2.0 Stereo sound through their speakers the Virtualiser (CMSS upmixer) is doing what my X-Fi card calls "stereo xpand" which makes the center speaker really loud, the front speakers quieter and the rear speakers barley audible. Also, it's adding echo, delays (possibly time-shifts) and reverberations as if there's an EAX effect on it. All they want to do is play a stereo source through all their speakers, now on my X-Fi card, there's a simple selection for it to switch from "Stereo xpand" to "Stereo Surround" but we've looked and cant find this option anywhere. Like seriously, who gets 5.1 speakers and doesn't want all of them to play at the same volume? Why is this 'Stereo xpand' thing even a thing? Please help
  7. Jackalovski

    Excel if-function with text

    Just to check you're using the character [ " ] right and not just the [ ' ] pressed twice? " '' because they look similar (joking) But seriously the quotation marks denote text in excel so anything placed between them will be identified as text, a double quotation mark [ "" ] is what I used to denote a blank cell. IF functions are not case sensitive but they will get upset if the there is a space either side of the characters. I tend to use the =SEARCH("a",b,0) function first and then =IF(x>0,y,z) to overcome this, it can also overcome formatting errors, the IF function doesn't work well when you have numbers stored as text =IF(x="123",b,c) is totally different to =IF(x=123,b,c) because one is looking for a number, the other is looking for text.