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  1. @RasmusDC Thank you so much for the information. No worries about your first response. I will discuss your information with my husband, along with the cost. I really appreciate your assistance.
  2. @Donut417 Thank you so much for explaining in layman terms- I completely understand what you wrote! Is this what he's suggesting: https://store.ui.com/collections/wireless/products/unifi-in-wall-hd-1 ? Or https://store.ui.com/collections/wireless/products/inwall-ap ? Or https://store.ui.com/collections/wireless/products/unifi-ac-mesh-ap ? The Google Mesh Router system looks amazing! Is it already out? I'm unsure of how good the wiring of this house is. What would you recommend that I use? My husband and I discussed the cost and knowing the tech life is here to stay, we may look at something more pricey in order to make everyone happy and safe (long story). I really like our Ring system, but I need to make sure it's working at its optimal performance. I love that you post: 'You ever notice that many establishments have a sign that as "No Shirt, No Shoes, No service"? They never say anything about pants............ You know what that implies. You don't have to wear pants.' I have said that for years and glad to see someone else thought about it. Thank you @RasmusDC and @Donut417 for your quick response. You both are awesome!
  3. What do you mean by external extender? I'm looking to spend less than $60 USD. What is a UBNT? The Spotlight Cams have no available way to connect to any hardwire or anything like that. They are battery operated with Wifi connection only. I'm very techno illiterate, sorry. What does "internal in wall AP that extended my Nano HD" mean? I don't understand the abbreviations. How do I know if I need Nano HD? Can you give me a link to explain what to look for? I have an Ethernet connected to my son's Xbox One, because he games constantly and complains about lag from wifi. I really appreciate your help.
  4. Okay, so I lack knowledge of current electronics, lingo and abbreviations. I guess that makes me techno illiterate. Here's what I really need help with. I have a Ring System which consists of a Ring Doorbell 2, 2 Spotlight cams (front and back of house (hooked up to solar panels)) and a Ring Chime Pro. Our home has aluminum siding on it and I'm really having difficulties maintaining good Wifi connection. I have tried to move the Chime Pro around to get a better signal, to no avail. Not to mention, every time I unplug the Chime Pro, it takes me 20 minutes or more to get it back online. We have Google Fiber and it has excellent service. There are so many new gadgets out there to improve Wifi. I've seen Wifi Extenders, Wifi powerline kits and of course, modems. The house has many walls and 3 people using Wifi. Everyone in the house is close to the modem. The house is old and has few and far between outlets. The question is....what can I do to make these cameras work properly without paying an arm and a leg to do so? I've tried looking it all up, but end up getting more confused than I was before doing so. Thank you so much for any help you can provide.