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  1. Rolled back to old drivers. I think that was the issue
  2. That is what I did. I ran DDU in safe mode, rebooted, and tried to install the drivers. I can't even do that before my screen goes black
  3. Ran ddu, booted into windows, after a min, have a black screen again.
  4. So I changed out my Titan Black to a EVGA 1080ti for an upgrade. I am able to boot up to bios fine but when it tries to boot to windows,I get a black screen. I've reinstalled drivers and even reinstalled windows. i don't have the issue when I boot into safe mode though. Using a Ryzen 7 2700, Asus prime x370 pro, and a EVGA 1080ti ftw3
  5. after turning off intel turbo boost, it has stopped crashing. Im guessing it was drawing more power than it could handle.
  6. ok so far it has not shutdown after about 20 minutes of gta. I think it helped. thanks
  7. Yes I am, I have also tried it without the battery and it still shuts down
  8. The laptop is a Qosmio x70a with an i7 4700MQ and a gtx 770m. At first it was frame dropping and stuttering so I cleaned out the dust and changed the thermal paste on the cpu and gpu. Now it is turning off after about 10 minutes of gaming with no stuttering whatsoever. It hits a max of 80 degrees C on the gpu. I reinstalled the drivers and it still happens. Is there something I can do to stop it from shutting down?