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  1. BadDude

    Unacceptable IPS Glow?

    The actual display doesn't look as bad as in pictures. The top left corner is most noticeable, I can always see it when viewing dark contents with all lights in my room turned off. Otherwise, I don't seem to notice anything if I'm not in a dark room. I'm pretty sure these are ips glows and not BLB. So is this normal for ips displays? Or should I return and potentially get a TN? lol
  2. BadDude

    Unacceptable IPS Glow?

    Just a bit? How about other corners?
  3. Got the XB273K today and it has a fking terrible IPS glow. Check out my thread here.
  4. BadDude

    Unacceptable IPS Glow?

    I ordered Acer Predator XB273K from Newegg and after testing for ips glow, I think it is beyond shit. I even notice a slight mudded screen around the corners when watching movies, especially at top left. I know the glow comes with the ips technology, but would this considered too much? Thus, considered as defective product and eligible for full refund? Below is my display at 0%, 50%, and 100% brightness respectively at about 70 cm away from my monitor. Obviously, in real life the glow isn't as bad as in the photos since my phone camera is exaggerating a bit, but it's still pretty bad.
  5. BadDude

    Best hifi headphone for gaming?

    Title says it all.
  6. Considering gaming at 4k with 2080 ti, gpu is the bottleneck in the system. So will OC my i7-9700k cpu increase any fps at all?
  7. BadDude

    Best gaming desk?

    I'm looking to buy a desk that will be primarily used for gaming. Any suggestions?
  8. Just as the title says, I'm looking for an absolute best headphone that I will be using for both gaming and watching movies / listening musics. I'm looking at Steelseries Arctics Pro (both wireless and wired versions), Beyerdynamic Custom Game, and HyperX Cloud Flight (wireless option). I'm open to suggestions!
  9. BadDude

    Does gsync support 2k 165hz?

    I'm pretty sure that 2k 144hz can run on gsync. But will gsync work with a display overclocked to 165hz?
  10. BadDude

    4k or 1440p? (27")

    Having played at both resolutions, would you say playing games at 2k vs 4k is a big difference? At 27" that is.
  11. BadDude

    Acer Predator XB273K

    So only the freesync model? Or does the gsync model also have bad BLB?
  12. BadDude

    Acer Predator XB273K

    Anyone with this 4k monitor? Can't find many reviews out there...
  13. BadDude

    4k or 1440p? (27")

    X27 is the model that I'm looking into for the 4k option, so I've got some questions I would like to ask you. 1. Do you use the monitor to do other stuffs like streaming 4k contents on Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.? If so, has your experience been pleasant? 2. How's the predator shields? Are they actually useful, or just another marketing from Acer? 3. I read some reviews and found that once you OC to 144 hz, the display quality is not very good since Displayport 1.4 is only supposed to support up to 120 hz, thus the chroma subsampling. Have you tried OC to 144 hz? Would you rather stick to 120 hz because of reduced quality? 4. Anything else you'd like to add? Thanks bro!
  14. BadDude

    4k or 1440p? (27")

    May I ask which 4k 144hz monitor you're using? Also what do you mean it will look a bit blurry when running 2k on a 4k screen, is it because you're used to 4k or is it because of the scaling? If it's because of scaling, how much worse does 2k on 4k screen looks compared to 2k on the native 2k screen?
  15. I'm building a new pc using Corsair Spec Omega RGB with LL120 fans (x6), Corsair Vengeance ram RGB (x2), H150i, and LED strips (x4). So how many Lightning Node Pros will I need for this build? Given that a single lightning node pro has two LED channels. My thought is that I only need 1 Lighting Node Pro? One channel for 4 LED strips, another for 6 fans? I assume that RGB on RAM and liquid cooler can be controlled wirelessly, am I right?