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  1. if you have the time, patience, and the desire to learn, then do it! but if you just want something that works without doing any extra work, get virtualbox or something, or get a usb and run it to test it out. if you like it, then think about switching
  2. yeah one thing i'm considering is the ease of cleaning, because every few months i can just carry the whole crate outside to go compressed air on it
  3. yeah i'm mostly doing it for a "cool" factor haha. what kind of drawbacks do you see other than the one i listed?
  4. i read that open-air is better for cooling(i'm doing air cooling), that's why i'm considering it :p, thanks for the suggestion!
  5. So i'm binging on some LTT videos, and they mentioned the word "milk crate case". I'm planning a build right now so i'm thinking why not? as far as i can see, the issues with milk milk crate + zip tie is that: - dust: it's open air so will get more dusty - noise: again, open air my build would be a simple mATX/ITX board + 1 GPU + 1 SSD. I'll have enough space to put the crate somewhere so it won't be accidentally messed with. I might get noctua if it does turn out to be noisy, but other than that, is there any other issue? aesthetic wise, it might be unique enough that it'd turn out cool is there any other issues i haven't thought about? because i'm seriously considering a milk crate case.
  6. yeah i think i'll have two separate drives for each OS to make the separation "cleaner"
  7. Thanks! what kind of "research" should i do? based on my understanding the BIOS is in charge of booting into different OSs? so if i have two drives, during bootup I can select either "linux" or "windows" drive?
  8. If I want to start a light-gaming/workstation build, and want to run both Windows and Linux, is it as easy as having two separate hard drives, one for Windows and one for Linux? and just select whichever OS I want to boot into when the computer starts up? if i add external drives for storage/media servers, do I have to worry about file system formatting? Planning to get Ryzen 2600/x or 2700/x for this build thanks! edit: i'm planning on having separate drives to make things easier!