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  1. So i have a rx 5700xt and a gtx 1050ti have them both in the same pc i have 2 monitors one is hooked up to my 1050ti and the other to the rx 5700 xt and i use the 1050ti for video encoding which is great i do not lose much to none performance in games using the 1050ti as the encoder for obs but i was watching this video on you tube and this guy was using both cards on the same game not using sli or cross fire something about direct x12 the game need to support to do this two different video cards aka amd and nvidia here is the link can someone finger this out for me
  2. My specs for my pc I i5 4440 16gbs ram gtx 1050ti asrock h81m-hds my problem is the audio will not work at all it was working not 2 long ago I have tried everything wiping the computer installing all the realteck drivers ect but the front pannel audio and the motherboard audio will not work I need help it's just going to be a siting brick and a broken one soon from the frustration!
  3. classey

    Audio problem

    So I'm selling my old pc and the audio was working but now it's not the front and back IO are both not working and the only audio device that comes up is my monitor because it has an audio jack in it I have wipe my windows and everything to try fix it I have realteck program installed but it doesn't pick up any thing and I made sure to check all of the cables that plug in to the motherboard and I know everything works but it just stoped working if anyone could help me it would be very appreciated.
  4. So your say I should buy more ram instead for buying a new motherboard to use the faster ram seed?
  5. The thing is my mother bord Is the msi b360 gaming plus is maximum ram support is 2666mhz my ram is 3200mhz I'm asking if I upgrade my motherboard will I get better performance then get 16 more gbs of ram?
  6. My ram is running at 2666mhz in rust even with the top of the line pcs you don't even get like 200 fps like rainbow or something but the ram that I brought can run up to 3200mhz
  7. The game I play is called rust my pc specs are i7 8700 16 bg 2666mhz ram RX 5700 xt I got told rust is very cpu intensive but I am thinking about getting more ram upgrading to 32gb of ram but my ram I have right now is clocked at 3200mhz but my motherboard only supports 2666mhz should I buy a new motherboard to use the ram seed or buy more ram of the same kind but I might buy a new motherboard sometime in the future what should I do now with my old pc I got around the same fps but Less when I upgraded my gpu which was a 1050ti what should I do to get the most fps out of my pc
  8. And it was working and then it stoped working idk why
  9. So when I plug me head phones in to the back of my mother board there is no audio at all I tryed to see if I clicked on the sound icon it would show up but the only things that show up is my Yeti and my audio jack on my monitor I think I might be the high definition audio controller because it has a yellow triangle next to it and I tryed installing realteck audio of the msi website and it doesn't work or I can't find the program and it will not restart my pc when I click restart in Widows it go's black and the pc is still on but doesn't show any thing I left it for 15 minutes once to see if wulould turn back on but still didn't the screen is still black please help someone
  10. I'm writing this again idk if it sent but how much is the core i5 4440 worth in the USA and I'm thinking of selling him it for 700 because he's going to need to upgrade his gpu and if he upgrades his gpu he's going to need to upgrade his cpu because it will get bottle necked
  11. And the thing is I new Zealand every thing is so much I payed 320 just for the 1050 ti
  12. My friend wants to buy it for 800 idk if that's OK or what should I do he's new to pc building