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  • CPU
    Ryzen 5 2600 with Wraith Spire Cooler
  • Motherboard
  • RAM
    Patriot Viper 4 2x8GB 3400CL16
  • GPU
    Sapphire Pulse RX580 4GB
  • Case
    Aerocool Aero 300
  • Storage
    Integral SATA SSD 960GB
  • PSU
    EVGA GQ 750W
  • Display(s)
    LG Flatron IPS237L-BN
  • Cooling
    5x Arctic p12 PWM PST
  • Mouse
    A4tech x7
  • Operating System
    Windows 10

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  1. Do not put silent, I've used to have A320M S2H from gigabyte and it didn't help - as I said, choose DC mode, not PWM first - then limit your fan RPM or adjust curve. There is no other way around unfortunately. I'm looking to get custom cooler because it is annoying.
  2. I know this issue very well, apparently stealth coolers have less rpm thus make less noise. You can try to put DC mode instead of PWM in BIOS and of course adjust curve. (Me personally left it on PWM however adjusted curve that fan rev up only to 60%, because my case is well ventilated anyway)
  3. What? Normally, they cold boot around 15-17 seconds (talking about phison E12 and toshiba nand) which is 31% or 23% faster than mine. That DOES make a difference..
  4. Just measured again, completely cold boot until logging screen is exactly 22 seconds, which for me is a bit too long
  5. Shave off that few seconds like with gigabyte, anyhow I think it was real with legacy MBR, now uefi collapse with windows so the BIOS time is the actual time of boot? I'm not sure tho, used to be 3-4 seconds back in a day.
  6. To the logging screen, then i have to put password in I mean.. it was still like 30% quicker with gigabyte (on DRAM-less drive and 3 programs to startup) So.. I don't know - I guess?
  7. Hi, Recently I’ve upgraded my integral performance 960GB to Sabrent Rocket 1Tb Pcie3.1 and started to think about lack of fast boot on my motherboard. I’ve messaged MSI directly, and yeah there is no option for it. I’ve installed my windows in UEFI GDP mode, then CSM is disabled, just UEFI in bios - tried secure bot on/off (no difference) and I’m left with around 17-20sec cold boot, which after having two gigabyte boards with AM4 that support ultra fast boot seems a little off. It takes ages, the newest bios update says that it improved boot times, however that didn’t change anything. Tested my drive with crystal disk info and seems to be alright (keep in mind it’s system drive and this test was made shortly after windows installation with few background process) task manager says BIOS time 10 seconds, is that normal? mobo: MSI b450m pro VDH plus 26D0E757-D53E-4DB1-986F-689FE7524F78.bmp
  8. It’s okay, if you really want to limit cpu usage - limit your frames using your graphics control panel or turn vsync (assuming you’re running something under 144hz)
  9. uberas

    Screen bleeding?

    Actually, my theory is not relevant since most LCD monitors have LED backlight?
  10. uberas

    Screen bleeding?

    That might be because of LED "refresh rate" - I'm not quite sure but people say that the old bulbs are actually better for our eyes because when they're switched on they're switched on - whereas LEDs just constantly flashes. Might be wrong
  11. uberas

    Screen bleeding?

    Well I'm also a big dreamer of OLED monitor, you just destroyed my dream... It's so expensive at the minute, and you're beta tester. I think Lenovo is just a cheap company, thus quality control is much worse and that's my problem then..
  12. uberas

    Screen bleeding?

    Okay, can see that and obviously the true blacks are only achievable on OLED displays however that still seems a bit weird, corners really stand out and it might also be caused by monitor anti reflection cover? Should that Lenovo be “Lower quality” model than LG? Because I feel like it’s downgrade both in colours and viewing angle or there’s something wrong with my particular model?
  13. uberas

    Screen bleeding?

    But look at the old monitor(also IPS) for reference
  14. uberas

    Screen bleeding?

    Yeah can’t find any reviews for that Lenovo though. Will try to RMA because IPS was meant to have great watching angles and that thing isn’t great because of it?
  15. uberas

    Screen bleeding?

    Yeah, it actually got worse when viewing from angles so that’ll be IPS Glow. That’s weird because people says all IPS panels suffer from that but my ex monitor (LG IPS237L) didn’t have that problem at all. Also, the viewing angles aren’t that perfect(way worse than LG) however specs indicate it’s the same 178 degrees angle. Can it be problem with monitor itself or it’s just worse made?