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  1. Nope, afterburner doesn’t work as well - how about ryzen overclocking tool?
  2. Hi, I’m trying to push juice from my 2200g and tried to over lock it via gigabyte a320m-s2h (F22) - bios does allow that, however windows still recognise the stock speed of iGPU. What can be a problem? Does a320 not allow the igpu overclocking? thanks.
  3. I’m a bit worried at this point, will try it but that’s gonna be like 50% increase Does crucial use Samsung memory? I’m surprised that it actually works 3000mhz 16-18-18-18-36 1.35V - well done micron I would say.
  4. Got it guys, 2933mhz 16-18-18-18-36 1.35V
  5. Hi guys, I've got two sticks of micron CT8G4DFD8213.C16FBD2 My motherboard is a bit weak: Gigabyte A320M-S2H Basically, I have to push them a bit due to ryzen 2200g. I've managed to jump for 2667mhz with stock CL (15) and no voltage jump so 1.2V. However, I've tried 1.25V and 2777mhz and PC won't boot - should I try to rise the voltage further? I know RAM sticks nowadays use 1.35V with XMP anyway but I'm not sure that's the case with these old ones. Thanks.
  6. Update: I ended up with EVGA GQ 750W - Tier 1 PSU, are you guys proud?
  7. uberas

    Ryzen 2200g - terrible APU drivers?

    I've just figured windows is running in compatibility mode when everything works. picture Normal boot ends with 640x480 and no bios posting. After few shutdowns I can actually enter the BIOS - when I do then windows compatibility mode comes on and everything works just fine. Any suggestions what to do?
  8. uberas

    Ryzen 2200g - terrible APU drivers?

    Nope, problem returned - no bios and 640x480
  9. uberas

    Ryzen 2200g - terrible APU drivers?

    I’ve done everything except turning back uefi boot, it works just fine right now. thanks
  10. uberas

    Ryzen 2200g - terrible APU drivers?

    All working now, I’ve had to install chipset drivers first separately. Thanks.
  11. uberas

    Ryzen 2200g - terrible APU drivers?

    I do agree with everything you say, I’m planning to upgrade to smth like ryzen 3300 and gtx1070 or new Vega. regardless, I’ve just downloaded a320 chipset drivers because one from gigabyte had drivers as well that caused problems - uninstalled graphics drivers and now bios seems to show up every time I boot pc. I’m gonna try to install 19.1.1 drivers now. side note - this ram can run 2667mhz, and I hoped I could OC ram using this board but it seems I can’t
  12. uberas

    Ryzen 2200g - terrible APU drivers?

    It should work anyway.
  13. Hi there, I’ve recently builded PC: cpu: amd ryzen 2200g ram: crucial 2x8gb ddr4 2133mhz mobo: gigabyte GA-A320m-S2H hdd: some old 160hdd until I get 1TB NVMe psu: fortron ATX-250PA Everything is connected to 22’ TV via HDMI and I don’t have access to anything with DSUB So I’m facing some really weird problems with my windows 10 pro (1809 updated) - Radeon Wattman crashes, or some drivers? Basically, when I restart my computer it’s lottery if everything gonna work just fine (I’ve stressed everything over 30mins and it’s rock stable) or I’m gonna have “no signal issue” also - I’ve changed uefi boot to legacy, because I can’t access my BIOS - it’ll boot directly to windows loading. To access my bios I have to unplug my HDD and then restart few times computer. I’ve also tried 4 different graphics drivers two newest both stable and optional plus some early-mid 2018. I’ve tried to install chipset drivers from gigabyte choosing clean install and now I just got no signal - probably after restart everything will work again. Bios updated to F24. Really no idea what can be cause of that - chipset heats up to 45 Celsius which I find a bit too hot? I don’t have 8PIN EPS connector in my PSU so I’ve connected 4pin only, that “tricked” worked for me many times and seem to work in here as well. thanks for help.
  14. uberas

    Drivers for 8level WUSB-150n

    Hiya. I've recently builded up PC and the only way to use internet on it temporarily is to use that old WiFi usb stick on it. However I'm facing problems with it (it'll only work up to 3 mins after booting the windows 10 decreasing it's speed from 10MB/s to around 1MB/s and ending up as connected, no internet[my internet is 100MB/s, but USB 2.0 does limit in here]) I'm trying to find drivers for it, however nothing appears. I've only managed to find this (it says download links below, but unfortunately there's nothing below): link Device manager recognize it as: Realtek RTL8188CU Any ideas? Thanks a lot.