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  1. sir i tried every solution first there were several causes of crash including hardware acceleration enabled in softwares like photoshop, ms word etc. then i flashed it with bios from techpowerup website and now issue has been narrow down now it works fine even with hardware acceleration enabled. the only issue left now is maximum performance from nvidia control panel if i select optimal performance it crashes and if i select maximum performance it works fine. note: you said about ddu i even tried several version of windows and several drivers but still this issue is occurring with me. tried ddu every time when i install drivers.
  2. Tx750m 80+ gold. Psu seems good i ran furmark for 30min without crash played ac odessy for above 3 hours on ultra settings without crash. Gpu crashes only when core clock goes down.
  3. Strix 1080Ti Optimal/Adaptive Performance from Nvidia panel=variable gpu core clock= Crashing Issue Maximum Performance from Nvidia Panel=unifrom core clock at 1569Mhz= Stable system and NO crashing issue. Do you know about this kind of issue? GPU crashes when I select Optimal Performance from Nvidia Control Panel but it becomes stable when I select Maximum Performance. There is one issue and that is in Optimal Performance GPU remains at 139 MHz without load while in maximum performance it always remains at 1569Mhz leading to higher temperatures even with 0% usage.
  4. I have strix 1080Ti and and wan to use thermal pad by gelid ultimate which says that it has thermal conductivity of 15w much better than thermal grizzly. Just want to is it safe to use this pad? As I have heard that its heat sink is made of nickle coated. Idon't know much about corrosion etc. Need help in this matter. Thanks
  5. My Gpu causes random black screen in Optimal Power mode. But when I select Maximum Performance in Nvidia Control Panel it becomes stable. Is there any way to mod a Bios which automatically selects Maximum Power upon installation of new drivers even if we put card into any other system..?
  6. I even tried with 445 version of drivers the only thing that helped me is this attached photo.
  7. If you mean DDU it cannot help me I even reinstalled windows nothing helped me except marking checkbox in Internet Options which says ''Use software rendering instead of GPU'' it made my system stable but my question is that how to overcome it? Is it hardware fault? Because not all GPUs show this kind of behavior.
  8. Sorry I don't get your point what your are saying?
  9. Just want to ask that what could be the possible fault in GPU? Bios chip corrupted? Or any other fault? I have 1080Ti and it randomly gives black screen. · I did Furmark for more than half an hour it didn't crash. · Firestrike Extreme with above 12.5k score didn't crash. · Superposition on 8K above 30Fps and above 4.2k score didn't crash. · It does not crash in games also. After all the effort what I found is that if I disable hardware acceleration in MS Word, Photoshop etc it stops crashing. While it crashes with those applications even if I am not using them it usually crashes without load on desktop screen, using MS Word, chrome and even some times without using anything it crashes. The point is that it do not crashes on load rather crashes without any load. Hardware Acceleration Enabled: Crash Hardware Acceleration Disable: No crash I tried it on 4 different systems and it crashed on all of them while other Rpm work fine on those systems. Just want to ask that what could be the possible fault in GPU? Bios chip corrupted? Or any other fault?
  10. i already motioned that i tried everything. even reinstalled windows still problem is there. with newer 2020 drivers it crashes all games while older stable drivers(tested on another gpu) i played pirated ac odyessy for 3 hours without crash and even with those stable drivers it crashed steam games.
  11. I have Rx 580 8gb graphics card from sapphire nitro+ brand. it is crashing games randomly its not psu not processor not motherboard nothing else because i used strix 1080ti on same system and it worked perfectly. so assuming that gpu is faulty, is there any solution for gpu that crashed game? I am out of warranty so cannot RMA. also tried several driver versions which were stable with another gpu with crashing issue. tensed about this product please tell me if its hardware issue and repairable? I also flashed bios given to me by sapphire support team still causing issue.
  12. I contacted Microsoft live chat support and windows 10 experts they even cannot solve it and said that 2.0 ports are not supported in windows 10.
  13. Hi everyone, My mobo has 4 usb 3.0 ports and 2 usb 2.0 ports. In windows 10 1909 and all previos versions usb 2.0 ports are not working. And in device manager it shows yellow exclaimation mark on USB XHCI Complaint Host Controller. Its worth mentioning here that all usb ports including 3.0 and 2.0 are working in bios but 2.0 ports immediately stop working when windows starts. I have been looking to solve my problem contacted Microsoft several times. They were unable to solve and asked me to contact motherboard manufacturer. The Gigabyte support team after trying their best asked me to contact the supplier to repair motherboard. But before going to hardware I installed Windows 7 and updated drivers and amazingly all usb ports started working. When I moved back to windows 10 again now there is yellow exclamation mark on USB XHCI Complaint Host Controller. I tried my best updated chipset drivers and downloaded usb 3.0 drivers from gigabyte website but still I am unable to solve this issue. Anyone here who knows how to solve it? It will be highly helpful for me. My motherboard: GA H81M-HD3 CPU: 4790K PSU: 850w