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  1. May have to look on websites other than Amazon later today when I get home.
  2. I feel like I'm stuck with only the rtx series because I much prefer a white open cooler graphics card and I can only find rtx series with those coolers (I know I'm picky on looks but I want this pc to look good) and I can't seem to find any 10 series outside of black or stock coolers.
  3. 1440p 144Hz sounds like a good idea. I've been living on an old 60 fps monitor for awhile so I think the 144 would make for a much better experience since I mostly play first person shooter games anyways.
  4. would you by chance know the improvement % wise the 2060 has over the 780ti?
  5. After looking into the options Jurrunio gave I figured the 2060 looked good mainly for the fact that I can get it in white which fits the look of the pc and its not too high priced. unless the 2080 was a massive improvement then I wouldnt mind throwing the extra cash into it.
  6. Also whats bad about the RTX series? Just curiosity.
  7. Yes its mainly for gaming, 1080p is what I play on right now but if I can find a deal on a decent 4k monitor then Ill end up getting one of those.. also, is it the overclock thats pointless? cpu still hits 100% a good portion of the time, I mean I game but stream some and having a bunch of stuff like discord and all that always running in the background if it matters.
  8. so I recently updated my computer, basically refreshed everything but the graphics card on it, but I'm wondering if it might be worth going ahead and upgrading it in the near future as well. Current build includes an I5-9600k OC'd to 5 GHz, Asus, Z390-A Mobo, and a couple of other things, not sure if they really matter towards picking a graphics card out. I have the 780ti right now, and not sure what would be best price to performance wise for my PC, when I bought the 780ti the first time through I was an idiot and put it with an AMD A10 of all things, so it was heavily bottle necked. Now im wondering what graphics card could work with this system for the best price. Edit: Pc is mainly for gaming/streaming, purely enjoyment purposes. Currently running 2 monitors at 1080p, will probably jump to three, one 4k and the other two stay 1080. Only ever game on one, other two are just for extra stuff.
  9. Thanks man, Yeah I'll pick something up sunday when i'm off work.
  10. its sitting about an inch above the carpet right now but yeah I can find something to put under it for the time being.
  11. I haven't had time to set everything up yet, But I think I will try it out on windows first and if its not powerful enough then Ill switch to linux. And Ill be downloading task scheduler to help make things easier.
  12. This was my second computer I've ever built so there are still some issues with it that I didn't think through properly such as the Graphics card pulling air thats getting put out from my water cooler. Specs are as follow: I5 9600K, Asus Z390-A motherboard, EVGA 780ti Superclocked (ripped from my old pc because I don't want to spend another $1000 on a new card" 32 Gigs of Vengeance DDR4 RAM, NZXT H500, Corsair RMX 850W 80+ Gold, Samsung 90 EVO Plus NVME 500G, Aigo Halo LED Fans, ThermalTake Water 3.0 Extreme. Running dual monitors right now, Processor can be overclocked to 5GHz easily but choosing not to do so for now since I dont need the extra speed quite yet. Built for 1080p 60FPS gaming with streaming as an option. Went for an all white build and am overall satisfied with the looks. Also cheers to easy cable management, was actually kind of dissapointed that I went out of my way to get the white cabling to see so little of it.
  13. Yeah everyone is friends. It's a decently close knit discord server. The people who will be playing regularly will be people I've talked to for at least a year. Outside of that some new members to the server may join up but the discord isn't really growing right now.
  14. I only get around 10mbps up rn I believe. I'll have to double check when I get home but if internet becomes an issue I believe there is better available in my area I could look into. That or set up the pc at a friends house that has better speeds.
  15. I would say the busiest the server would see is 20ish people. It may grow but that would be a good ways into the future.