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  1. yes we followed the user manual thats the weird part, following the manual the computer doesnt boot. When he puts it in b1 and b2 it boots then and it also registers as 16gb which is whats weird.
  2. Hey guys, so my friend started a new build hes running i7 9700k Asus rog strix z390-e gaming DDR4 16gb tridentz 3000mhz some m.2 evga ftw3 1080ti some evga psu So the weird this is how his ram and motherboard is interacting, whenever he puts in his dual channel ram in b2 and a2 (slot 2 and 4) the computer does not boot. Right now he is running the ram in slots 1 and 2, both ram are detected in task manager. Another weird thing is that he able to run single channel, but that single channel only works on the 2nd slot. I have looked at a bunch of random build guides with his same motherboard, and they all run their dual channel memory in slots "2 and 4". Basically im just curious if anyone knows whats going on because im just really curious as to why his is working so differently.
  3. Yeah thats mainly the point of the post, if i should go for the good deal now or wait for the new ryzen while hes looking stuff up.
  4. Got the gpu $450 On the Fence about the cpu/mobo/cooler $500 all 3 (mainly thinking about waiting to see how the new ryzens are, but this is a hard offer to passup on) Psu: $45 Ssd: got a while back HDD: is from his old prebuilt Ram: Thinking about parting it from my rig Peripherals: all his own Edit: Forgot about the case, lianli one is a placeholder
  5. the 1080ti im getting is $450 cant really pass up an offer like that and let it wait around. Pretty crazy the stuff you can find on the used market, also using a used 1080ti myself in my own personal rig too.
  6. Hey guys so i am trying to help my cousin build his first rig. Hes 16yr old kid right now im forcing him to learn as much as he can about the parts and how to build off linus and other youtubers. I basically jumped the gun and bought most of the parts ahead without him knowing since hes taking forever to do his research with school and all. Right now i have this build set up https://pcpartpicker.com/user/Yeun7/saved/2R9pGX I was wondering if i should wait on the cpu i think i am getting a pretty good deal. Everything is basically going to cost around $1,200 for the build. If there is anything else you guys would change lmk would love to hear what i could improve on for him. I am still going to make him pick out the parts too because i really want to see what he comes up with too.
  7. So I have gone with a 4k 60hz monitor and a 144hz 1440p monitor setup. I was getting very weird flickering/artifact on both monitors. I did a bunch of tests, both monitors worked fine by themselves. The only test i havent done is run them on a different card (which i will on tuesday picking up a new gpu) I messaged evga about the problem (have a evga 1080ti fe) they told me it was a driver issue due to the monitors having a huge difference in refresh rates. Just letting you know if you are going that route so you dont go crazy troubleshooting trying to find out whats happening. There was no tearing, artifact, or flickering when i changed the 144hz to 120hz. edit: evga is full of shit, got a new 1080ti and put it in my rig to test and ive gotten to problems so far 8hours in.
  8. Yeun7

    Stuck Pixel

    Thanks for all the replies, this is like my 4th monitor i havent had any pixel issues with my previous monitors. Good to know the problem shouldnt come back as a permanent issue later on.
  9. Yeun7

    Stuck Pixel

    Hey guys so i just got a new monitor and after 2 weeks of use twice so far there was a random stuck pixel. I dont believe it was the same pixel that is stuck, it went away pretty easily. First time it just went away on its own while i was gaming, second time i just touched the monitor and it went away. I like the monitor, but was wondering would the problem get much worse down the line. I am hesitant on refunding it since they are out of stock on google express on the dell s2719dgf.
  10. Just wanted to throw an update if anyone else has an issue like this too. The problem still persist, even after separating the 2 monitors into 2 different outlet the flickering continued, while my gpu was going to be ready to go under load. I forgot i had played around with the nvidia settings because the temperatures were much higher than i had liked for idle. I reset everything back to default, the flickering still continues. So i am not sure if my monitor is the problem or its the gpu now. The monitor has not been a problem since ive bought it, but i am the 2nd owner of the gpu.
  11. hmmm, ive changed the cable and its still happening. it couldve been the power strip is bad, ive plugged the problem monitor into an outlet on its own and no flickering so far, but its kind of weird still since ive had 2 monitors plugged in together before on the power strip
  12. Hey guys, so I just got a new monitor today an LG 27uk600-w and paired it with my msi optix mag24c. I have never had any problems at all with the MSI monitor since ive owned it, I have in the past ran a dual monitor set up too. I hooked up my LG monitor and i have not seen any flickering at all from my msi monitor all day, until just now. I think its been about 8-9hrs with no problems at all. The only thing that i changed from my msi monitor is that im using a different displayport cable (took the cable from the lg monitor) since the new cable was too short. Do you guys think its a bad displayport cable. It is only 1 monitor that is flickering too not both, so im not sure if its a gpu issue. edit: the flickering is very very short like 1second, and it happens like once every half hour, sometimes it happens once every like 10min its not consistent at all.
  13. Hey guys, I know this question has probably been asked a bunch. I have also searched myself and see a bunch of different answers or posts from years ago. I am swapping my 1070 to a 1080ti. Should i use DDU to uninstall everything, or am i able to just download the newest drivers and swap the cards out.
  14. yeah im going to upgrade the cpu for sure, i just waiting to see new ryzen 3000 series or wait to see how intel responds to ryzen. I figured this was a pretty good deal, and seller saying it still has another year left on the warranty
  15. Right now I am running a gtx 1070, there is a evga 1080ti fe for $480. Do you guys think it makes sense to upgrade from that especially since i am helping my cousin with his first build i could always just kick my 1070 to him. Currently im just doing 1080p 144hz gaming (mainly apex, pubg, ff14) so the 1070 is doing just fine on medium high settings. I do want to do some 1440p or even ultra settings. Current build: CPU: i5 6600k Mobo MSI z170a m5 RAM: 16gb gskill 3200mhz ssd: 1tb samsung 860evo gpu: gtx 1070 psu: corsair RMx 650w