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  1. Thanks for the assist, that does sound like a plan, i think i'm going to use that smaller boot drive, and I have heard alot of good things with freeNas so I'll probably end up going with that one. And I'll pick up some ram for that bad boy cause it looks pretty cheap which I like a lot when getting parts.
  2. Hey Guys, Thanks for the input, I think I'm going to go that route , it may just be a little while till I implement it so I can save up and stuff but I will for sure keep this in mind.
  3. Hey Everyone, So I recently got a dell optiplex 9020 small form factor that was going to get thrown away, and I kind of want to convert it into a NAS. I wanted to not use it for anything too crazy, probably just photos, and maybe a couple movies. Right now it has a core i5vpro inside, dual channel 8gb RAM, 3 SATA ports (one was being used for a DVD drive), and an open PCIE slot. It has a 500gb hard drive as of now but I am probably gonna get a new drive at some point in the future. Would this be a good idea for this machine? Also where would you guys recommend to start?
  4. Hey Everyone, So I just got this really sweet older dell mechanical keyboard, the thing came with an older windows xp computer. But the thing is it is kinda dusty, and I wanted to find out how best to clean it. I haven't really had too many keyboard before so I am a noob to proper maintenance. I really like this one and want it to last. It isn't crazy dirty, mainly just some dust. It basically sat around for it's whole life, and got used MAYBE a handful of hours in that time, not even doing any type of normal typing which is really nice, mainly just a couple entries here and there. So any recommendations on a good cleaner? I just didn't want to get something that might, mess up the key text, or anything like that, just because it is in pristine condition. Thanks for the help!
  5. (Sorry not sure if this is the right forum area for this, i figured word is a program) So, this may have a simple fix, but me and my wife have been up a and trying for a long time to fix this. So my wife needs to submit this word document for a grant, that is super strict with every aspect of the format, and she has nailed all that down to a t, except for one part. With this she has super limited space, and for some reason at the end of one of her pages, word is just inserting a big white space, and making the next word in the sentence skip to the start of the next page. If you go to delete the space before hand, there is only one space, and it connects the words (likethis) sorry its late and that's how I would be describe it. So far we've tried just about everything under the sun and so far nothing has worked. To be honest I don't use mac OS at all, she just got the new laptop and that's where it is. Any help would be awesome.
  6. I am also going to give this a shot. So more fun fact than anything, there's no wifi card on it (to the best of my knowledge) and no connection so I'm gonna put produkey on a flash drive, then use that to try that out.
  7. I need to completely wipe the drive. So it was a lab computer so more than anything it's anything on it for personal, as well as any private data. So pretty much the whole thing. I haven't ever used DBAN before, can I use that if the hard drive is connected to my laptop through a USB? I have an external enclosure for it. Also as a side note would that method also work on an older hard drive from the xp era? I need to do the same thing there, but one program would make life easier. Also these computers were found in a back storage room unfortunately, they didn't even come with power cords. My game plan is to (for the windows 7 one) to wipe the drive, probably put like a cheap ssd in it, then reinstall windows 7 and sell it.
  8. There was a sticker on the side of it, I am gonna give it a shot, and thanks!
  9. Hey Everyone, So quick question, right now I need to completely wipe a windows 7 hard drive, but the computer itself is getting tossed. So what I want to do is wipe it but still have windows on it just because it does have a windows 7 license and it also hard the office suite on it (97-2003 but still free license). Cause it is apparently ok for me to take the computer considering it's just going in the trash. Is there a way to get the product key remotely? I have a drive enclosure for the 3.5 hdd to connect to my laptop, and I can access it that way. I tried using produkey but that wouldn't pull up any of the keys. The other dilemma is it does boot, but the windows log in has been lost to time, which is the original reason I needed the external drive enclosure to pull data off it originally. Even if there is a way to get the product key for windows 7, completely wipe the drive, then reinstall windows I'd be game for that, right now I am just struggling with the how to do it. Appreciate any help.
  10. thanks again for the assist, so the issue was i needed the program folder, and the database folder both on the C drive, then i needed the OG desktop shorcut on my desktop because that was the only way to launch the program.
  11. gotcha, how would I do that? Also it does tell me the specific file missing when the program can't run. So far I have tried copying the contents i want over to a flash drive then to my laptop. it seems i get most things (including the file that it says im missing) but it is saying that it is missing in my working directory. I am not quite sure what that is/ if I should be playing around in that.
  12. also i tried option 2 and some files couldn't be copied to my laptop, and the program did not execute as a heads up.
  13. With macrium reflect, I need to bring it to a windows xp computer with no internet, would it work if i put that on my drive, then bring that over to the xp computer and make the backup that way? Also thanks for the assist I really appreciate it.
  14. an example of one of the file names of a i believe PFD file is 14010661 if that is helpful at all.
  15. Hi Everyone, So this is a bit of a long shot here, but everyone here is amazing so I think there is a chance. Currently my lab is attempting to back up all data from our program for wingates which is Parvo true1 2400 which runs on windows XP. So as a heads up we have flash drives that the computer recognizes, and if need be floppy disks. We have over 1000 total tests here starting from 2006. So as of right now we can't find an efficient way to backup all the testing data. We did find the folder location in xp that actually saves the test to, but there is so much stuff in there we don't know what is what, because nothing is labelled in there as the test subject name, date of test, or any other correlation that we can make out off the top of our heads. In the file location there is a whole bunch of random file names and folders we don't properly understand (gonna try and upload in a second post because it wont let me insert any more here) so there are two main file types here from what we can tell that are FPD and PFD file types, which I have no idea what they are. Any help would be greatly apprecaited, I can provide any more details if needed. The subject files I am limited on posting due to the confidential nature, as a heads up.