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  1. So, I've created a FreeNAS server on a old PC, besides needing help with securing the server, I need help linking Emby to my FreeNAS Emby plugin. I can install the Emby plugin no problem. The issue is, when i install the Emby plugin it totally creates an entire different Emby web page i guess you'd say. I have tried DHCP and creating my own Emby IPv4 address..to no avail it creates a different Emby account. I tried to use the IPv4 address from my Emby server i have running but it won't let me. I am a noob. I'm sorry, someone if you somewhat know what i'm saying please help. I love this community, you guys have helped me so much in the past. I provided a pic! and i'll provide more if need be!
  2. @fasauceome Thats the sync i have coming in the mail!
  3. @fasauceome I really hope there is no risk..i have two things coming in the mail, another 6+2- pin power cable and some psu sync, should i just use the 500 to power my cpu and mobo, hard drives and the 650 for the cards?
  4. @fasauceome should i use the 500 watt to power the mother board and the 650 to power the two gpus? i just don't know what to do then
  5. @fasauceome Did you do it just as I described, or how did you do yours? @Comic_Sans_MS is saying it'll fry my gpu. I need help guys im a college student on a cheap budget
  6. @Comic_Sans_MS650 watt gold and a 500 watt standard.... USA CA. And usually online
  7. @ Crunchy Dragon Darn, I figured it would be the same!, I would buy the molex one but my 650 watt doesnt have molex. I'm looking into the one you gave me
  8. I'm thinking this is a good adapter right? https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07BK3TCCS/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=A8CV72D2OP6QC&psc=1 @Crunchy Dragon @fasauceome
  9. @ Crunchy Dragon YES this is where I had gotten the idea from!
  10. THANK YOU SO MUCH, I've never had an account :') I've only lurked! You people are super helpful and informational!.
  11. Also, do I need a "Add2PSU" for them to power up..or is it just the safest way?
  12. 650 Watt - three 6+2- pin power cords 500 watt - two 6-pin power cords My first GPU will be powered by the two 6+2- pin power cords from the 650 watt And i'm trying to power my second one up using one 6-pin power cord from the 500 watt PSU and the third 6+2-pin power cord from the 650 Watt PSU, so the second GPU will have a cord from both PSU's I wanted to know if it was safe. I do have an dual 6-pin to 8-pin power adapter, but then ill have to use a 6+2- pin power cord from the 650 watt. So, either way I have to use a cord from each PSU Skiiwee29 said it should work. What do you think?
  13. I have two 980 Ti's with a i7 7700k, which i believe would pull too many watts since it is OC'd. I have a dilemma, one 980 Ti uses two 6+2-pin power cords which comes from my 650 watt PSU (Modular). The second GPU uses one 6-pin and one 8-pin power cord, I have a secondary PSU which is 500 watts (Non modular) that has only two 6-pin power cords. So, the question is, can i use the 6-pin from the 500 watt on the second GPU, and an 8-pin power cord from the 650 watt? (The 650 watt has three 6+2-pin power cords). I will probably buy an "Add2psu" adapter for the second PSU. I'm sorry for the confusing post I just need help because i can't afford another PSU and don't want to fry anything.