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  1. I live in a country where shipment cost is rather expensive and getting something fast and easy from a local store is much easier. I have also been to EVGA website and the price I guess ain´t to bad. But getting just the cables I need and in the right color carbon/dark red seems impossible. But from the sound of you it seems extensions are very bad indeed. So I guess I`m using original cables for now and later white EVGA cables (even tho it´s not the color I really wanted) when they go on sale.
  2. Thanks for your suggestions.I would get replacement cables if it was not so expensive.
  3. Can buy CableMod PRO ModMesh Extension Kit at a local store. They say the cables work with every powersupply. But I have heard on the world wide web that extensions can cause power ripple and that Evga has capacitors and double wire which these extension doesn´t have. This can according to some break hardware and be a cause of fire. I am using an EVGA Supernova 850 G2 in a 9900k build. What extensions would you recommend me to use. Its only for 24-pin and two 8-pin (gpu). Best regards Lived
  4. After looking up some more is it not Aorus Master that have good VRM? Actually have two coolers at the moment a 360 AIO from Corsair and Noctua D15s that I have used for a long time. When everything is working properly I think I will change to the D15s because its a lot more safe. Is it any easy guide I can use if I just want to lower voltage on the cpu in a safe way and nothing else. I have seen some on youtube but they are to complicated. I just want an easy-voltage-lower-noob-guide for the aorus pro ;). Seems lika a amazing board but sadly is EVGA mobos (and also asrock) nearly impossible to get in my country and if I should order one from USA the shipping cost would be very high. Ps. Thanks a lot for all the answers, really means much to me.
  5. I have bought a 9900K with a Gigabyte Z390 AORUS PRO WIFI mobo that I will be using with 32GB Corsair ramsticks (2x16). I have not built the computer yet. But after reading about Z390 AORUS PRO WIFI on different forums; its ram problems, high voltage out of stock that can go up to 1.4/1.5 volt and how unstable it is I have big doubts about it. I will be using some heavy programs with my pc that will be using a lot of ram and processing power so I need it to be stable 24/7. I will not overclock my cpu but my ram must be able to work at 3200Mhz XMP. I just need a good computer that simply works as it should after I build it. I have built before so that is no problem but I suck at tweaking in bios. So my question is: I just need a good motherboard that simply works and can handle a lot of workloads, Which one should I buy? Ps. Sorry for my english, it´s not my main language.