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  1. I wanted to know what i want before i get into the phone i can find and want, after all, even if i have a budget of it, i lack information of what i want and need, beside the fact on what i want on my phone, I am a gamer and I would hope to find one that isnt HIGH END like how that guy consider
  2. what that suppose to mean? I'm not smart enough to know and understand those values, so far all i knew is something like this for example: quad core,1.2GHz core processor. or something like that
  3. how much processing power is the Snapdragon 855?
  4. So I know that some can say that paying the highest amount of money for your phone is a way to go, however i want to hit the minimum of what i want in my phone then hitting that maximum power every other person wanted who is addicted to their phones. I am a gamer, but I never really gotten into certain games that require lots of power from my phone that i hope i can with the next phone (that you guys reccomend) without asking me how money i can provide to buy, I merely wanted to ask what kind of Core Processor, Ram, and Storage do i need to compute with what i wanted on my phone. I know that 16 GB of storage isnt enough, and in most cases I am sure that the processor on my Alcatel phone isnt that good either (bearly can run CSR). My phone is an "Alcatel 5041C" by the way. I don't have much of a big deal when it comes to battery life (since i always have a portable charger on me at all times) and I want this phone to still have the based ideal on how it should input (meaning same button input like my previous phones) so if you can help me out that will be grateful. Ideal Andriod below: Storage: 32GB Processor:? Ram: 4gb+? Screen size:? This post will be edit to fit my ideal as we discuss it in the comment section
  5. Yes i can see that, after watching reviews from a youtuber and a website i can see how amazing those phones are, the price sadly i cant do just yet, maybe i can do something to earn some short cash here and there to get one of those phones, if i could pick, i was thinking about the pocophone F1, but sadly they are no longer selling it in the US for some reason, and i rather not look around Ebay or Amazon again to find that phone once again (who know if there anymore scams like that again, rather not be fooled twice)
  6. I am looking at both of them right now, They seem great choices, but for the price they are a bit crazy, i only get 300$ per month, so seeing phones taking all my money (not saying this as super bad thing, i can probably buy one later on) hits me mentally, i was hoping for a phone around maybe 100 to 150 maybe
  7. i see now, after watching that video i fully understand that, so where do i look for a phone just for me? I am a gamer, so I dont need a camera or any of those fancy stuff, but i do need good speed and space storage, can you link me to the place?
  8. now hold on a second there, i wasnt saying that just to say P20 is bad, nor do i know those companies, sheesh, but i do say that i never expected it to be a rip off at all, wish doesnt give the full detail about the phone, the reason i bought this phone was because i see it as a cheap phone, if i could i would pay monthly to own a phone, a good one, but sadly i can't because of how expensive all the phones that even close to being decent, most phones i find that i say "oh it looks like a phone for me" then boom, 600, 700 800, shit even 1000, all because of shit like camera and all this other small stuff they just put in. Like i said, i never said i said, i never knew it was a rip off until i got it from mail, so don't be attacking about this shit dude. I made a mistake, that is that, im trying to work with what i got
  9. i figure there could be flaws, just not something this big sadly, plus wish lied about the storage size too, it was suppose to be 1 gb storage with 8gb, but it has 16gb storage (somehow i can use 1 gb of the storage for apps, which sucks, and bullshit)
  10. i figure there could be flaws, just not something this big sadly, plus wish lied about the storage size too, it was suppose to be 1 gb storage with 8gb, but it has 16gb storage (somehow i can use 1 gb of the storage for apps, which sucks, and bullshit)
  11. so, bad choice i made, i bought a phone off an app called Wish app, a place where (now i know this) they sell products from company that is outside of the USA, now even though they proven cheaper, i paid for a phone i hope it worked out somehow, Even though the quality of the phones seem good, the fact that this phone is just a rip off the P20 (which i notice by the phone's looks) was already upsetting enough, but once i get to using goolge play service, I have to update it, then came a problem. As i downloaded each app, i slowly realize that this phone won't run any of the apps that came from google play store, meaning that something is wrong with the phone itself. I have no clue what is up with this phone, but i have a theory on what is going on. Option 1 is being the fact that this phone is a Chinese phone product and the software behind it wasn't meant for anyone in the USA, so the software cant read any games that is English (i assume that much) Option 2 is probably the google play service, since it was most likely downloaded in China, the requirements is for you to live in China to download them with success. I have no solution, and i spent at least $45 for this phone, and i still want to use it because i bought it, so i have to deal with it, but i need help findling out if there a way to reprogram this so that i can use apps on this phone
  12. i do have one on the laptop, but i use a program to get it for free, which is pretty much not legal