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  1. Thank you for the information. That is helpful to know. Thank you. I think I want either tn for performance or ips for both performance and the color. I have read bad reviews on va panels. Thank you. This is very helpful. I think the difference between 1ms and 4ms is not enough to be a big deal.
  2. Thank you. I was originally pretty set on getting a tn panel but reviews and people on forums have been saying that ips is way better for color etc. I do care more about performance than color though and I will be sitting right in front of it so I am not really worried about viewing angles. Do you think tn is better then for competitive fps games? Thank you. My gaming sessions are likely to be 8+ hours at a time. I do play mostly competitive fps games though and I care more about performance than pretty colors. Do you think ips is better than tn in that use?
  3. Hi. I am trying to decide between two monitors. One is a 27" 1440p 165hz 1ms tn monitor and the next is a 27" 1440p 165hz 4ms ips monitor. I have read online that some say that the difference is not noticeable and then there are those that say it is. I am looking for a few more opinions before I pick one to buy hopefully this week. Also is ips blb a big issue? The IPS I am looking at is a asus rog PG279Q. Does anyone have experience with blb in asus rog ips monitors? Is blb noticeable when gaming in fps games like apex legends? There is an acer predator 27" 1440p 144hz ips monitor that is $100.00 less. Which brand do you prefer? Thanks!
  4. Hi. I am building my first gaming pc. It will be used for gaming and streaming to twitch and things like video editing. It will have an i9 9900k with a 2080ti. I want to game at 1440p. I play mostly competitive fps games like apex legends and pubg. I want a monitor that is 165hz and 1ms response time. Due to the response time I am looking at tn monitors. How much better is ips? It looks like tn is more if you want faster response and ips is better with color? I did find a 165hz ips with a 4ms response time so I could do that but think that maybe I should do tn. I want a gsync monitor. I am looking at these two 27" monitors The ASUS Rog PG278QR which is $565.00 and has 1ms and 165hz The Acer Predator XB271HU in the tn version which is $500.00 and has 1ms and 144hz What do you think of these two monitors? If I were to do ips I am looking at The ASUS Rog PG279Q which is $700.00 and has 4ms and 165hz The Acer Predator XB271HU in the ips version which is $600.00 and has 4ms and 144hz The asus monitor in either tn or ips both have 165hz so that would be better than the acer monitors right? I know 144 to 165 is not a big difference but it is higher. The ips versions of the monitors are higher in price by about $100.00 or more for each and both have a 4ms response time instead of the 1ms response time on the tn monitors. I value performance and the advantage in competitive games over how good the picture is but I still want it to look good. What do you think? Thanks!
  5. Thank you. I think I may do one 140mm or 200mm to keep it to more of a positive pressure than negative. Thanks.
  6. I now think that adding two 140mm exhaust fans in the top would be the way to go here unless someone tells me that is a bad idea. That would give me two 200mm intake fans in the front and one 120mm exhaust fan in the back and two 140mm exhaust fans in the top.
  7. Thank you. Would the two 140mm top exhaust be better cooling then? I do not mind extra dust that I will clean out from time to time if it is better temperature and air flow wise. Thank you. I am worried with how much heat the 2 fan gpu will have so I am trying to get the best air flow I reasonably can.
  8. Oh ok. Thank you for the recommendation but I am going to use the d15.
  9. Ok thank you for the information. That is likely what I will do then.
  10. Thank you. I have decided to keep the d15 and see how it does. I am hoping that installing an extra fan in the top of my case will be enough to keep the temperature cool in the case. I just have to decide whether it will be an intake or exhaust fan. I have two 200mm intake fans on the front of the case with a 120mm exhaust fan on the back. I can put in either one 200mm fan or two 140mm fans on the top of the case but I am not sure if they should be intake or exhaust.
  11. Thank you. I think even though the aio is a good deal I will keep the d15.
  12. Haha thank you. These should be exhaust then right? The two 200mm in the front are intake and the 120mm on the back is exhaust so I would think the fans in the top should do exhaust to help more hot air out of the case right?
  13. I think that is in the front where there are already 2 200mm fans. It says for the top it is only 2 x 120mm or 2 x 140mm or 1 x 200mm. Would 2 x 140mm fans move more air and cool more than 1 200mm fan?
  14. Thank you. Yes it looks like it does have the 120mm in the back. The front has two 200m rgb fans. You mentioned I should maybe get two extra 200mm fans. It looks like it says there is room in the top of the case for 2 x 120mm or 2 x 140mm or 1 x 200mm. Since it only has room for 1 200mm fan in the top do you think that is the best option then? I heard that noctua are really good fans. I like that one you listed. Do you think that the one noctua would be good then in the top? Would that be intake or exhaust? Thanks.