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  1. Yeah, that's why I figured on it being a day of entry followed immediately by selection the next day. The idea here is to meet the desire to keep the prices down (to maintain accessibility) while giving everyone a chance to get in. You'd be completely throwing that out the window by starting at sky high pricing and lowering it until they sell out - that would guarantee that only the most well-off members of the community would have a chance at tickets. The worry isn't about pricing the tickets too high to sell them - it's about trying to not become some sort of Elite-only event like most of the big music festivals have.
  2. Long time viewer, finally making an account to broadcast this suggestion. Broadway shows, particularly impossible-to-get-into ones like Hamilton, reserve a handful of tickets that they sell via lottery to give everyone a chance to get in the door. Perhaps next year you could do something similar with VIP, where there's a day folks can enter for the chance to buy n non-transferable tickets (one entry per person, but multiple tickets to make sure you're not going alone) and then the following day you can draw entries to determine who actually gets in.