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  1. NiceShice

    Need help connecting ODD

    #1 Connectors: Should be, as already said, Slimline SATA (or 7+6 Pin SATA) #2 Drive: Standard kinda slim slot in drive. I already screwed it into the mount for the new case (Cougar QBX)
  2. NiceShice

    Need help connecting ODD

    Hey guys and gals, I need help connecting an ODD. It's a slim slot-in ODD I took out of an old Laptop. Now after searching around quite a bit, I still don't really know how to connect it. I do know that I need a Slim SATA (or Slimline SATA) cable to connect it datawise, but do I also need power? Can I connect this https://www.amazon.de/DeLOCK-SATA-Slimline-ALL-cable/dp/B001MEY99G to a SATA port on the Mobo and the Molex to the PSU for it to work? Or do I take this https://www.amazon.de/DeLock-Kabel-SATA-13pin-Buchse/dp/B002OVNZ1E and connect the SATA power thingy to the PSU? Thanks in advance!
  3. I'd recommend getting some 3200mhz RAM.
  4. NiceShice

    Recommendations on my Upgrades?

    don't worry, Windows is on a 256 GB Samsung 850 Evo got any specific units in mind? something I should look for? (right now i see the be quiet! Pure Power 11 500W, for example) I don't see it. RX 56 isn't significantly better than 1660 Ti for 1080p (at least that's what I saw in benchmarks), has a tremendously higher wattage (200+) and is a little bit more expensive. RX 64 is mostly worse than 2060, also more expensive here.
  5. Hey guys and gals! So I've been wanting to upgrade my sytem for some time, which I mainly use for gaming (and some office work and browsing..). I did this build early 2017 (I think), as a budget build. Location is Germany btw. My current build includes: - Intel Core i5 7400 - 4GB Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1050 Ti OC - 16GB (2x 8192MB) Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4-2400 DIMM CL14-16-16-31 - MSI B250I Pro Intel B250 Mini-ITX - 430 Watt EVGA 100-W1-0430-K2 Non-Modular 80+ - 2 Asus VP247 1080p Monitors - Cougar QBX Mini-ITX Case ..and harddrives. Now, due to the release of the 1660 Ti, I considered buying one (mostly fond of the MSI 6GB MSI GeForce GTX 1660 Ti Armor 6G OC, both for price (299€) and performance). After looking around a bit, I've also seen a ZOTAC GeForce® GTX 1070 Mini 8GB (ZT-P10700G) for a comparable price (289€). Now my questions are: 1a. Does it make sense to buy the 1660 Ti? Or the 1070? Both of them seem to have similiar performance, although the 1070 has 8GB of VRAM and is 10€ cheaper. OR 1b. Does it make more sense to wait until further NVIDIA/AMD releases in april/may and for the 2060 to get a little cheaper? The MSI ones go from around 360€ right now. (side note: I'm a NVIDIA fanboy, so miss me with that AMD ) 2a. Which of these cards will my QBX fit? I don't think the length will be a problem. The specs say that it only supports 2 slot cards though, which I think limits me in card height. 2b. Which of these cards will my PSU support? I've seen recommendations for the 1660 Ti at about 450 Watts, for the 1070 at 500 Watts, can't recall the 2060 right now.. Looking forward to your replies, thanks in advance!