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  1. Narsmow

    New build no post

    also dose it not post at all or can you get to the bios settings?
  2. Narsmow

    New build no post

    vis versa that psu
  3. Narsmow

    New build no post

    I don't have your board but most of the time code 00 is caused by three things, a faulty psu, motherboard or cpu.
  4. there are several factors you could be bottle necking your pc a few things to check is the cpu at 100% (will cause a large amount of lag) is hard drive completely full? (so will this) run a bench mark test check to see if your drivers are up to date(windows as well) also depending on which 1050ti it is can differ performance between: zotac asus msi if everything is fine try talking to the manufacture you might have a defective card?
  5. Narsmow

    New build no post

    Also the mother board that you have requires you to have the 4 pin and 8 pin molex plugged into the top of your mother board or it will not boot!
  6. Narsmow

    New build no post

    First thing i would make sure to check is that you've put all of the wires in the correct connection spots secondly i would switch your powersupply out if you have a spare one Sorry that this is happening to you trust me i hate it when something isnt working right