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  1. Thanks for replay, also is 1.375v safe for daily use? and what's the deal of overclock at 4.1ghz if ryzen 5 2600x boost up to 4.2ghz?
  2. Hi, I am beginner at overclocking looking to overclock my Ryzen 5 2600x a bit about build: asrock b450 pro4 ddr4 3200mhz cl16 hyperx predator 1.35v nh-l12 120mm and 90mm fans case fans: 3x nf-a12 I know motherboard is not the best for overclocking, I did some mild overclock in bios running 4.1ghz @1.375v haven't touched anything else. cinebench15 cpu: 1402 single core: 171 69c max temp I would like to get more info how to overclock or maybe lower the voltage, also I would like to know what is vcore offest and vcore NB offset in the bios. Thanks for any help.