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  1. So i got a MT form factor Optiplex 3020 for free, it uses a core i5-4570 which holds up fairly well for low spec games but I recently got a GTX 1060 3gb OC edition for like 120$ on ebay and decided it was time to upgrade. Obviously the low watt psu's that dells ship with won't fit the bill, they don't even have a 6 pin PCIe connector. One small problem though, it seems that this motherboard doesn't use the now standard 24 pin power connector, instead it uses a different 8 pin power connector. I've found a EVGA 400w power supply at my local Best Buy but it's listed to have a 24 pin power connector. I've never built a computer before so I'm not to sure but does the 24 pin split (something like 16 + 8.) if it does split then would it work if I left the 16 pin out of the equation? The power supply has 2 PCIe connectors (one 6 pin and the other one 8 pin) so do they serve the same functionality, as in could I use the 8 pin PCIe instead of the 24 pin. Never done any computer building and I'm really low on money so I can't fork out for an adapter. I also have a couple Optiplex 390's that use the standard 24 pin connectors so if I just have to move to that than oh well, I'd really rather not though since they use a core i3-2100, I'm not even sure if their PCIe slots will be compatible with my gpu.