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  1. Hi guys, I am looking into re-doing my loop in my 900D and I was wondering if it is possible to have a 420 in the base and a 60mm 240 in the fron in push/pull. Dream scenario would be to have the ports pointing upwards. Will that be possible? Thanks in advance,
  2. Sure it is. I am water cooling now.. So only buying a block.. And I am running my current 290 at 1220 mhz..
  3. I currently have a ref R9 290. But that is no longer available here (Denmark). But a ref R9 290X is.. And the price diff is like $40.. So I will just buy the 290x
  4. Hi guys, So I am upgrading my computer, and right now I am rocking a un-branded 800W PSU. So I will be buying a new PSU also. My specs will be as follows: CPU: i7 5820K MB: ASUS X99-A RAM: Kingston HyperX 2400 mhz 16 gb HDDs: 1 ssd 2 harddrives GPU: R9 290 + R9 290x Water cooling: 1 D5 pump + 1 bayres pump Fans: 14 x SP120 quiet edition Now I want to know how much whattage I need. As I understand it, those GPUs are pretty power hungry. I will also need some headroom as I would like to be able to add stuff to my system. So maybe 150-200 watt of headroom? And Also which PSU should I buy? I have a 900D and I am using a 360 rad in the basement next to my current PSU so I need the PSU to be no longer than 15cm. I also want the PSU to be modulair and have nice sleeved cables. Preferrable black/dark PSU. I prob should note that I do overclock a lot. Thanks in advance.
  5. So I can overclock them individually? But they have to be the same? I'm confused now..
  6. Also I am running a triple monitor setup. Do I plug the monitors in one card? Or two in one card and one in the other card?
  7. So if I overclock the 290 the 290x will follow that overclock? I am running my 290 at 1220 mhz.
  8. Hi guys, Now that GTA V has dropped it is time for an upgrade for the old lady. She is right now rocking an Asus R9 290 under water, and I am thinking of adding another card. Since the same card (reference ASUS R9 290) is very hard to get where I am at (Denmark), I have found an XFX R9 290X and the price difference is only like $50. Now does it make sense to crossfire these cards? Or is it completely insane? In a couple of months I am planning to move to x99 with a 5820K. I have some doubts regarding the cards. Since it is ASUS and XFX mixed will that matter? I use ASUS' OC software GPU Tweak to control my current card, can I still use that if I install the XFX card? Also will I get the full performance of the 290x? Or will it scale down to perform like the 290? I have never had two GPUs before. Therefore these NooB questions.
  9. Here is my rig/setup. I know it is very dusty, but what are you gonna do? I am a developer and I manage some servers, therefor the many screens/computers. Tower specs: Case: Corsair 900D CPU: i7 2600k @ 5 GHz MB: P8Z68-V Pro RAM: 8 GB Kingston 1600 Mhz PSU: 650W Corsair GPU: ASUS R9 290 4GB HDD: Samsung SSD 256 GB, 750 GB Seagate hybrid drive, 500 GB Seagate hybrid drive, 500GB Seagate hdd, 250 GB Old hdd Mouse: Intelli Explorer 3.0 Keyboard: Corsait Vengeance K95 Headset: Corsair Vengeance 2100 Speakers: Bose Companion 20 Total number of fans: 14 OS: Windows 8 Cooling: (I do not remember the names and models of my water cooling parts. These will soon be upgraded anyway (next week, waiting for parts)) 140x60mm rad in the back 480x60mm rad in the basement 360x60mm rad in the basement thin 360mm rad in the roof CPU block: XSPC Raystorm Pump/res: XSPC 750 Dual Bay Reservoir Pump V4 (will add D5 and tube res next week) GPU block: Some EK-block Monitors: 3 x ASUS 29" MX299Q Laptop: ASUS N550jk CPU: i7-4700HQ RAM: 16 GB Corsair Dominator Display: 1080p IPS touch GPU: GTX 850M + Intel HD ?? HDD: Samsung 840 EVO 500GB, 750GB hybrid drive OS: Ubuntu 14.04 Netbook: Who cares!????
  10. Thank you very much for your reply. I ordered the parts that I linked to. I did see that you combo you were mentioning, but I really don't like it. It looks too much like myself. Short and Thick ^^
  11. Hi guys, I am looking into changing my bayres pump/resevoir with a cylinder and d5 pump combo thingy. But I have absolutely no knowledge of how cylinder resevoirs and pumps are working. I have found the following parts (Sorry that it is a danish site): http://www.coolerkit.dk/shop/ek-d5-x-top-3041p.html http://www.coolerkit.dk/shop/alphacool-cape-corp-3320p.html As I understand it, I can attach the top to my pump. But do I then attach the pump top directly to the resevoir or do I need tubing between? What I want is to not have tubing between them, so that it is like a bayres/pump combo but with a D5 and a cylinder res. Thanks in advance
  12. Sure you can. I thought that the possibility for push/pull would be larger if I mounted it in the front of the case. What kind of modding would have to be done? Do you know that? Also, I read somewhere that you will have to have low profile RAM and slim fans in order to fit it in the top?