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  1. SpassySpazz

    Which cpu should I get?

    well, the idea is, if I have to, be able to buy the athlon 200ge and a decent motherboard to go along with it
  2. So, I am currently 1156 platform and I wanted upgrade my cpu. Only issue is deciding on what to do. I was thinking about upgrading my current i5-650, clocked at 3.8Ghz to an i7-860, then I plan to overclock that to 4Ghz. Or maybe stick with the current i5-650 and overclock it to around 4.2Ghz and upgrade the ram. Or should I throw that all out the window and get an amd cpu, the athlon 200ge, stick with the am4 so that I can upgrade down the line. Only question, which is better? i5-650@3.8Ghz, i7-860@4Ghz or an Athlon 200ge Thanks for those who can help me out
  3. SpassySpazz

    Screen solid blue

    I was minding my own buisness when out of the blue, literally, my screen turned solid blue. I know what a windows bluescreen error is and its not it at all. The reset switch did nothing and I had to turn it off from the PSU. Another session goes by and the same thing happens, except this time the entire screen turned red. Could my GPU be dying? PC Specs: i5-650 HD 6950 (Technically there's a switch to unlock the shader units to make it a "HD 6970") 4GB DDR3 240SSD
  4. SpassySpazz

    What is considered a safe voltage

    I should have mentioned that it can go up to 4.5Ghz on 1.475v, temps were cool at all times since its on water, never goes above 75c on cinebench
  5. I'm running a gtx 670 paired with an i5-650 and 4gb of ddr3 ram. Is running it at 4Ghz on ~1.3v safe?
  6. SpassySpazz

    MSI OC Scanner

    Oh rip
  7. SpassySpazz

    MSI OC Scanner

    I was wondering if my gtx 670 is able to use MSI's OC scanner, I am aware that it works outside of the 20 series and it works for the 10 series, but what about the 6 series? Is it even possible? Thanks
  8. SpassySpazz

    Is my PSU enough?

    Oh sorry, its the coolermaster MWE 450w
  9. SpassySpazz

    Is my PSU enough?

    Fair point, I can run it below 4Ghz, around 3.7Ghz at ~1.3v-ish, but I just wanna confirm so that I wouldn't set my house on fire. I should mention that the cpu is on a water cooled loop, by ID cooling
  10. SpassySpazz

    Is my PSU enough?

    Hi, I have an 450w psu and I'm trying to sorta jerry-rig together an old system, it has 4GB of DDR3 Ram, a GTX 670 and an I-5 650 (not 6500) running a stable 4Ghz at ~1.475v. That aside, I wanna know if that should be enough, yes I know I might expect the cpu to bottleneck the gpu or just get low fps in general, but I just wanna know if my 450w PSU is enoug. Thanks