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  1. ok so based on the website my recommended psu wattage is 408w and mine is 750w i think that way more than enough, unless the psu are broken as well. Should i replace it? Also tested my cpu using OCCT for an hour and the temp is stable at 55-60c without dying, so thats why i dont think the cpu is overheating
  2. may i know how do i know about psu load?
  3. spec: proc: intel i7-6700 mobo: msi z170a krait gaming ram: corsair vengeance lpx 2x8gb ddr4-2666 gpu: msi gtx1070 gaming x psu: corsair cxm 750w So this happened around this week, when i play games like rainbow six and apex legends for 1 hour+ my pc dies. I thought it was my gpu overheating so i reapply thermal paste and test it using OCCT. Surprisingly its not because of overheating i tested it for 1 hour and the avg temp is around 70c but when im about to close the OCCT gpu test window i moved it a little and my pc died again, so i reboot my pc and do the same thing i move the OCCT window again and same thing happened. Im not really good at this so i would like for some advice should i replace my gpu or is there anything i can do to save my current gpu? Any kind of help appreciated (sorry if my english bad its not my main language)