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  1. Hi, So I'm trying to isolate my gaming from everything else mainly because sometimes installing software will sometime cause some certain game system libraries to stop working and vice-versa as well as other reasons. I split my SSD into 2 partitions and installed Windows on the new one only to find out that after booting in the new Windows installation that the old one is no longer listed in the MBR. Anyway to get around this or will I need to buy another SSD and an internal SATA cradle in order to swap between 2 drives? Thanks
  2. Thinking of dual booting with Mint as my main OS and Win10 for gaming. Before we get started, some ground rules: 1- I'm aware of the possibility of running Windows programs and games in Linux with things like Wine, I just don't want to start dealing with this. 2- I want to avoid dealing with command prompts as much as possible, meaning if there's a UI option, I'd prefer it. 3- While I have a tiny bit of experience with Linux, everything I'll ask is coming from someone who's been using Windows for 23 years. 4- Any answer helps, you don’t need to know all of them. Now for my questions. Putting games, MS SQL and my accounting software aside, I'd like to use Linux Mint for everything else. 1- While I don't plan to game in Mint, I'd still like to take advantage of the fact that my computer outputs at 2160p using my GTX1080. Will Mint allow me that possibility? 2- With no Linux version of Setpoint, is it possible to remap my Logitech mouse’s extra buttons (with a UI if possible)? 3- When I’m at the Office, I use my DynDNS to remote connect via RDP to my home computer. I know this is a MS technology, but is this still possible to remote using RDP to a Linux Mint or will I need to rely on some other remote connection program (LogMeIn, Team Viewer, Chrome Remote)? 4- Is there any webcam software that would work with my Logitech Orbit camera and allow me to control it’s viewing angles (I can move the camera view up, down, left and right) like I can with the official software? 5- I use a software call Pop-peeper on Windows to alert if one of my many email accounts got anything new? Is there a similar software for Linux? 6- I use an old Harmony remote control which uses a software called “MyHamorny”. Any compatible software for that on Mint? 7- Any Notepad++ substitute? 8- Any Greenshot substitute? 9- Any Imgburn substitute? Thank you for your time
  3. encrypted traffic coming from your computer, I'm sure that won't raise an eyebrow at all
  4. I may be wrong, but your nosy IT guy will able to see where you go, a VPN is suppose to hide you from the outside, not from the inside, should still know which domain name is being browsed on his internet network.
  5. Hi there, So I still prefer physical media for my movies and TV shows, but I would prefer playing them on my computer instead of a dedicated player like I'm currently doing. All of the free players that I tried are pure junk and the commercial ones have the audacity of charging more than a physical Blu-Ray player when they don't even supply the hardware, hell, some even ask for a yearly subscription!! Is there any that I have missed that don't fall under these criteria? Thanks
  6. Well, reading is what I mostly care, so it it's hit or miss, then it's not worth it. Thanks
  7. Watching this video at the 3:30 timestamp: Linus says that using his M.2 drive, that he can make his HDD faster. How does this work anyway? If I have an SSD for my OS, a spare SDD with no usage and an HDD for my games and media, can I use that spare SDD to make my HDD faster? Thank you
  8. Well we already returned the other cards a while back, so might as well go for the one I just found and have all 3 displays on the same card. Thank anyway
  9. Thought Nvidia card manufacturers needed to have the same specs for the same chips? Anyway, this one seems to do the trick, thanks: https://www.amazon.ca/ZOTAC-GeForce-Profile-Graphic-ZT-71304-20L/dp/B01AZ7W76W/ref=sr_1_4?keywords=GT710&qid=1560449749&s=gateway&sr=8-4&th=1
  10. Well, what would you recommend in more or less that price range that's available on Amazon which would allow 3 displays at once?
  11. Last one we tried was this one: https://www.amazon.ca/EVGA2-GeForce-Express-Graphics-01G-P3-1302-LR/dp/B0049MPQA4/ref=sr_1_14?keywords=video+card+geforce&qid=1554300678&s=gateway&sr=8-14
  12. Hi there, While I've been building our own computers now at the office for the past 4 years, we have some Lenovo PCs left that only have monitor outputs. We ordered 2 different Nvidia cards with 3 video connectors (HDMI, DVI and VGA), but the cards were only compatible with 2 monitors at the time, Windows clearly said that these cards did not support 3 at the time. Any cheap nvidia card recommendations we could order on Amazon.ca that will support 3 displays at once? Thank you