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    Yeah... so she calls the library employee and orders the book... then the employee does all the stuff above... They have free unlimited access ... So just need Rasberry pies...and a "hack"...??? Thankx for all the ideas...
  2. I have a problem or a request: My mother is blind and she has access to an audio library for the blind in Slovenia... Because she lives in another city and not "computer" capable I have a machine at her place and remote access it from wherever I am to : 1.Download the books that she reads (listens to) like a nice book worm that she is. 2.the files are Zip- ed and I unzip them then I transfer them to the micro sd card that she puts in the mp3 player. Now I was hoping to make a suggestion to the Blind society of Slovenia that we implement something like this for all the blind folks in Slovenia that they would have to "they still send cassette tapes or CDs through the mail"... we live in the wrong century... So here you come in... You have the experience and know how... is there a way to make a payload that would work like ::: 1. a Blind person would turn on a machine (any kind) put an mp3 player in the USB port ...all can do this. 2. this is the part that I need help with: a payload (on the mp3 player ) would "bypass" the autoplay protection of windows or Mac then call the library server "here I am" and initiate the remote connection to the machine. 3. the blind person would call somebody in the library and order some books. 4. The worker would do the same as me... download and extract. 5. close the connection or turn the machine off... NOW.... IS THAT POSSIBLE? maybe we need a rubber Ducky... if so on the cheap Maybe this can be a part of one of your shows... This has not been (ass far as I know) implemented anywhere in the world an would be a huge help to all blind persons...Now there is another catch the Asociacion of the blind has NO funds to do this and I was hoping that if need be we do this the old fashioned way... pro bono .) And if you can find the time to give me at least a direction on how to proceed. If anybody has an idea please help..